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It’s been a fulfilling 365 days since I joined as a remote SEO specialist on November 3, 2022. This experience has provided me with valuable insights into effective team collaboration and has significantly bolstered my confidence in my role.

Throughout the year, I encountered and overcame various challenges, emerging stronger in my capacity as an SEO specialist. Reflecting on this one-year milestone, I am proud to share the following accomplishments:

SEO case study for

Achieved an impressive 80% increase in organic traffic and impressions, a testament to the success of our SEO campaigns.

Growth in organic search traffic spanned from 2 to almost 100k monthly with a total of 266k clicks within a year. Impressions also grew from 16 to 46.8 million within a year.

Successfully enhanced organic search results via image search.

Image search grew from 0 to 156k clicks, seemingly impressions grew from 7 to 113 Million within a year

3. Conducted a thorough site audit, addressing technical SEO issues, Keyword cannibalization, broken links, and missing entities for schemas.

4. Secured position 1 results for several keywords and earned featured spots on knowledge panels.

5. Implemented a strategy to update old articles, resulting in a positive shift in organic rankings as seen below:

6. Navigated challenges posed by the Google algorithm updates particularly the september/october update, by implementing effective interlinking and timely article updates.

7. Conducted a link-building campaign to increase domain authority and narrow the link gap between us and our competitors.

Challenges faced

Initially, the challenges faced was with the quality of content produced by the content team but this was solved later down the line.

Collaboration with the content team was key to our success. We organized seminars and training sessions to keep everyone abreast of Google algorithm updates and strategies to adapt to changes.

Despite technical security challenges, such as two hacking incidents affecting the Battabox website, we swiftly recovered with the assistance of the development team. These experiences underscored the patience required for the long-term strategy of SEO.

Working closely with the CEO and content team, we strategically set expectations and adapted to the constant changes in search engine algorithms, staying updated on the eleven Google updates released this year alone.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, my plans include upskilling my SEO expertise to lead the team more effectively. I aim to focus on content strategy, in-depth keyword planning, and regular site audits to further enhance our performance at

In conclusion, my journey at Battabox has been a continuous cycle of learning, unlearning, and relearning. I am excited about the future and the collective achievements my team and I will build together.

Warm regards,

Victoria Alabi SEO Team Lead


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We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers ????

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.