30 Best French Crop haircut for Men in 2024

Is the French crop haircut for men still trendy in 2024? Let’s find out.

One well-known and fashionable short hairstyle for males is the French crop. With the longer hair on top and the fading sides of this flexible haircut, you’ll always seem put together.

A French crop haircut enhances receding hairlines and requires little styling. We have the best solutions for every preference, from disconnected skin fade to curly French crops with lengthy fringe!

What is a French crop haircut??

“French crop” describes a men’s hairstyle with a blunt fringe area and short sides and back. The most common form of crop top has a short fringe; however, the length varies based on personal desire. Any man may look amazing with this simple haircut, which can be worn down or slicked back. The crop top look is flattering on all hair types, including thin, curly, and straight hair!

Why should I choose a French Crop haircut?

Is a French crop haircut appealing to you? You have come to the appropriate section of the internet if you are looking for solutions. It offers a plethora of style options is stylish and requires minimal maintenance. A long top with a blunt fringe and short sides and backs is the hallmark of the French crop haircut, a short hairstyle popular with males. Thanks to the blunt fringe, you can easily style the top forward or slick back. The length of the top and the sides depends on your preferred look. You will have no trouble creating ideas for the perfect style to wear with this incredibly adaptable haircut.

30  cute French crop haircuts for men in 2024

1.  Bleached Crop Top for men in 2024

The traditional French crop top features a straight fringe and a short torso. This is one of the most stylish and well-liked French crop haircuts. To achieve a dramatic look, bleach your hair until it’s icy white. For further details, add a skin fade to the sides as well!


2. Straight French Crop for men in 2024

The high fade with a quiff is one of the best French crop haircuts. This works nicely if you want to keep your hair looking sleek and athletic but still want some texture in it.


3. Crop Fade with Dark Hair for men in 2024

You’ll always look good if you choose a crop fade. Men with darker hair look good with this style because it gives you a smooth appearance down the sides and back and a lengthier top layer with a soft, blunt fringe. This is one of the smoothest haircuts for men that is available.


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4. Long on Top French Crop Haircut for men in 2024

You can style your hair in numerous ways, including side parts, quiffs, or gelling it forward, if you have longer hair on top. If you prefer to wear your hair forward with shorter sides and your hairline is receding, this is a fantastic option for you. This trendy design can be improved with a taper fade on the sides.


5.  Warm Brown Curly French Crop for men in 2024

To embrace the French crop without going overboard, try blending warm brown hair colour with soft curls; this leaves the top looking chaotic and works well for naturally curly or wavy hair types. You can also add a side fade for a mixed look that still embraces the original French crop style.


6. High Fade Long French Crop for men in 2024

A high fade provides a polished appearance that is now fashionable for men’s hairstyles. All hair types look good with this French crop haircut; however, if your hair is wavy, you could choose to grow a longer fringe.


7. Classic Short Hair Crop for men in 2024

Anyone looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle or a French crop to address a receding hairline can consider a short crop top. If necessary, this short hair can be combed into a side part and styled forward with ease. If you’re looking to switch things up, consider going with a cropped fridge as a terrific way to draw attention to masculine traits.


8. Mid Fade French Crop for men in 2024

If you want a beard, a mid-fade French crop haircut might be for you. This cut includes the standard textured French crop top, but the fringe is kept longer and is styled in a quiff. The sides feature a mid fade, which makes it easier to maintain than a starkly disconnected crop.


9. Short Disconnected Crop for men in 2024

Any event or circumstance is appropriate for a disconnected French crop or French crop undercut since it keeps the wearer looking put together and allows the top hair to be pulled forward to conceal a receding hairline. Look at how expertly a strong, razor-cut line enhances the contrast.


10. Textured French Crop for men in 2024

A straight, blunt fringe is one of the primary characteristics of the French crop. Make sure that the region around your fringe is nicely textured if you want to try an extreme version of the Caesar cut. A high fade haircut goes nicely with this style quite a bit.


11. Blonde Crop Top with a Quiff for men in 2024

You can try more styling possibilities if you keep the top crop longer. Consider wearing your hair long in the front for quiff styles if you have thick hair. Choose a style product that suits you well to guarantee that your hair remains in place all day.


12. Extremely Long Fringe French Crop for men in 2024

Long French crop hairstyles and thick hair go nicely with textured crops. This is one of the most eye-catching crop haircuts for guys because of the long fringe. Use styling products to achieve that carefree look.


13. Caesar Cut for men in 2024

The blunt fringe of a classic Caesar cut is marginally longer than that of a classic French crop cut. Combining these two looks results in a stylish appearance appropriate for any setting. Just be sure to stay current with men’s haircut trends.


14. Classic French Crop for men in 2024

A well-groomed French crop cut straight is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants minimal style. Your hairdresser will structure your hair into a short French crop that requires very little upkeep, no matter if you choose an undercut or a fade.


15. Low Fade French Crop for men in 2024

Depending on the wearer’s preferences, a low fade is always a stylish choice for anyone looking to seem put together. French crop fades are also an option. It’s a great look to combine short natural curls with a low fade haircut and a trimmed fringe.


16. Long French Crop for men in 2024

The undercut French crop haircut has such a stark contrast between the sides, back, and top that it almost looks like a punk mohawk. This more avant-garde interpretation of the traditional French crop hairstyle features an undercut length on the sides and back, while the top portion of the hair is left long.


17. Messy French Crop Fade Haircut for Men in 2024

Even though the French crop is typically worn with clean hair and a blunt fringe, you can give the classic look a little disheveled flair. For a more carefree appearance, leave the hair longer on top and let it air dry or disheveled. If you want a messy top, you can create relaxed waves using mousse or salt spray.


18. Disconnected French Crop Style for men in 2024

A disconnected undercut is a fashionable take on the French crop. This is where there is a noticeable difference in length between the top and sides of the crop cut. Similar to a French crop undercut, this blunt cut is attractive on all men but requires a lot of care.


19. French Crop with a Side Part for men in 2024

A stylish interpretation of the French crop is an unconnected undercut. This is the point at which the length of the crop cut’s sides and top differs noticeably. This blunt cut, which resembles a French crop undercut, looks well on all guys but needs a lot of maintenance.


20. Textured French Crop with Long Bangs for men in 2024

One fashionable option among many that contribute to the diversity of men’s haircuts is a long fringe worn forward. You can create a textured effect by pushing your longer hair forward.

21. Blonde Textured Crop Style for men in 2024

Making a statement with bleach is a terrific idea. A blonde textured crop with an undercut can be your next appearance if you’re looking for a textured French crop hairstyle that has more edge than others. Apply some wax or gel to achieve an incredibly sleek hairstyle.

French crop haircut for men

22. Blunt Blonde Fringe Crop for Men in 2024

A faded haircut and a full blunt fringe style complement each other nicely because of their striking contrast. Straight hair looks great with the blunt fringe, which may be made even more striking by adding a burst of color. Maintain this regularly to keep it looking nice.


23. French Crop with Razor Cut Design for men in 2024

If you’re a fan of short hair, styling this appearance could be quite beneficial. Boring is the best way to describe a shorter, textured crop top with an undercut and razor cut details.


24. Mid Fade Long Crop for men in 2024

An increasingly common choice for males with thick hair is a fade-textured crop. Go for a lengthier French crop so you may style spikes if you want to show off your thick locks. Your hair will appear fuller whether you want to push the hair forward or go for a textured style.


25. Messy Hair French Crop for Men in 2024

A longer top crop combined with skin fade creates a sassy, carefree men’s haircut. Longer hair on top allows you to experiment with texture and create a carefree look that suits all hair types.


26. French Crop with Skin Fade Design for men in 2024

Although a skin fade and a cropped fringe are a timeless combo, did you know this haircut can also have additional detail? To achieve an outstanding haircut, combine your French crop with delicate skin fade designs. However, this is a high-maintenance style.


27. Drop Fade French Crop for men in 2024

A drop fade, as opposed to a high or low fade, stays straight and progressively lowers around the back of your head. This looks great with the traditional French crop, especially if your sides are short.


28. Dark Drop Fade Crop for men in 2024

When you have darker hair, you can pull off stark haircuts as your hair color contrasts with skin fade. Use this to your advantage and try a drop fade with textured hair on top to create an interesting accent.


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29. French Crop for Curly Hair for men in 2024

A French crop haircut can be made more stylish with curly hair by adding drama and structure. If you want to try this look, style your curls with mousse or gel and make sure your hair is longer.


30. Short French Crop

For guys, one of the most popular hairstyles is a short French crop. You can look sharp and angular with a short French crop, a point cut straight fringe, and a high skin fade.

french crop haircut for men


The French crop is a popular and stylish short hairstyle for men. With this versatile haircut’s longer hair on top and diminishing sides, you’ll always seem put together.

A French crop haircut needs little styling and accentuates receding hairlines. From disconnected skin fade to curly French crops with long fringe, we have the greatest options for your choice!


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