South Of France Haircut: 25 Trendy & Elegant Hairstyles For Men

Few hairstyles have had quite as much of an impact in recent years on the world of fashionable and lovely haircuts as the South of France haircut. The style blends the fashionable versatility of a longer, textured top with the clean, precise lines of neatly chopped sides and back.

South of France Haircut

It has a contemporary and elegant appearance thanks to the combination of these features, making it a popular option for individuals looking for a polished and attractive haircut. I’ll demonstrate various haircuts for various facial types and hair textures in this article.

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What Is The South Of France Haircut?

The South of France haircut is a hairstyle characterized by a short, close-cropped style on the sides and back of the head, while the top is usually longer and typically styled into a short afro or textured look. This style is a combination of Mohawk and a fade haircut.

It is sometimes referred to as the “Usher haircut” because the American singer Usher popularized this style in the early 2000s. This haircut gained its popularity in the early 2000s because it was often associated with the hip-hop and urban culture, especially in the United States. And over the years, this haircut has continued to suit different tastes and cultural influences. It therefore has remained a popular choice among individuals seeking a stylish and edgy haircut with a nod to hip-hop culture. This haircut is suitable for various hair textures including curly and wavy hair and also suitable for various face shapes.

Usher South of France Haircut

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25 Trendy South Of France Haircut You Should Try Out

There is not just one way to wear the South of France. Set your cut apart with texture, hair designs, or color. Here are 25 ways to style your South Of France Haircut.

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1. The Classic Usher Style

Usher made the “original south of France” haircut popular. The cut is characterized by a longer top that is styled into a short afro or textured look, highlighting natural curls or waves. The longer top can also be shaped into a defined portion or line-up along the hairline for added precision. 

South of France Haircut

2. Faded Cut Style

The faded cut is a modern twist on the traditional South of France haircut, combining sophistication with a fade. This fade involves blending hair lengths gradually, resulting in a gradient effect from short to long hair. Different fade lengths can be chosen based on personal preference.

 South Of France Haircut

3. French Twist Style

The French Twist hairstyle is also known as the longer south cut or the French crop. This style typically features longer hair on top which is gradually faded on the sides and back which therefore creates a a contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair


4. Long Mohawk Haircut

The long mohawk combines the classic mohawk style and the South of France haircut which gives an edgy hairstyle. This hairstyle is a trendy and and versatile hairstyle that seems to suit different occasions and personal style. This haircut makes one distinctive and fashionable.

South of France Haircut

5. Subtle Hairstyle

The Subtle Hairstyle typically features short sides and back with longer hair on top. The sides are often faded or tapered to have a clean look while the top is left longer. The top can also be styled in various way.

South of France Haircut

6. Heavy Style With Beards

The heavy style with beards style has a longer and more prominent curls or waves on top, creating a more filler look. The sides in this haircut are shorter but not as closely shaped as the traditional south of France cut allowing the top to be heavy.


7. The Wild Style

The wild style often time features a very long and unruly hair on top with curls , waves or disheveled look which gives a wide and untamed appearance. The sides can be faded or shaved for contrast and the overall result is kind of eye catchy.


8. The Bald Fade Style

The hairstyle combines the traditional haircut with a closely shaved or bald fade on the sides and the back of the head. The hair on top is left longer and sometimes can be styled with waves, curls or a textured look.

Bald Fade South-of-France-Haircut

9. The High Top Style

The haircut is characterized by a high, flat top with closely shaved or faded sides an back. The top is typically squared off and can be left long. This haircut is usually styled into a boxy shape.

High Top South Of France

10. Low Wild Afro Fauxhawk Style

Low wild afro fauxhawk is a mixture of various hair styles. A wild and voluminous afro like texture on top but the height is relatively low. The sides are faded or closely shaved to create a strong contrast.  The unique element in this hairstyle is the fauxhawk.

Low Wild Afro Fauxhawk South of France Haircut

11. Faded with intense taper

This hairstyle involves  closely shaved sides and back which eventually blends with the longer hair on top. The taper is done sharply which results in a distinct and pronounced transition from the shorter side to the longer one. This style provides a clean, sharp, stylish and polished look.

Faded With Intense Taper South of France Cut

12. Asymmetrical Style

The asymmetrical haircut is a modern and edgy style of the traditional cut. The hair on one side of the head is kept longer than the other side creating an intentional balance. The shorter side is shaved or faded while the longer side is styled with either curls or waves.

Asymmetrical South of France Cut

13. The Part Decal Style

The hairstyle is the traditional south of France with a part decal. This haircut is a trendy and artistic hair cut. In this hair cut, a part line or decal is shaved into the hair on one side of the hair. The rest of the hair is styled in the traditional manner . The part decal adds an eye catching and unique features.

Part Decal South of France Cut

14. The High Top Style

The haircut is a modern take on the traditional style, featuring a high and flat top that stands upright on the crown of the head. The sides and back are typically shaved or faded, giving it a unique and attention-grabbing appearance.

High Top South of France Cut

15. The High Fade Style

The haircut combines modern and classic styles for a cool and stylish look. The fade starts really short or even bald on the sides and gradually gets longer as it goes up towards the top. The high fade makes the haircut look clean and sharp.

High Fade South of France Cut

16. The Crop Style

The hairstyle is has a high fade on the sides and back with a relatively short, cropped top. It  features a high fade on the sides and back. The fade starts very short or even bald near the sides and gradually tapers as it moves upward, creating a sharp contrast with the longer top.


17. The Messy Style

The haircut has a high fade on the sides and back, with the top left messy and textured. This creates a casual and laid-back look, while still maintaining clean lines. The fade starts short and gradually gets longer towards the top, creating an interesting contrast. What makes this style unique is the intentionally tousled and untidy top, giving it a relaxed and effortlessly cool finish.

Messy South of France Cut

18. The Disconnected Style

It’s characterized by a high fade on the sides and back, with a clear disconnection between the shorter faded area and a longer. It starts with a high fade on the sides and back. The fade typically begins very short or even bald near the sides and gradually tapers upward as it moves toward the top of the head, creating a clean and sharp look.

Disconnected South of France

19. Descending Burst Fade

The hairstyle combines a high fade on the sides with a unique burst fade technique that starts at the top of the head and goes down towards the neck. The fade starts very short or bald on the sides and gets longer as it goes up. Instead of a regular fade, it descends in a burst pattern, which looks really cool.

Descending Burst Fade South of France

20. The Kinky Style

The kinky hairstyle combines elements of both sophistication and a relaxed, beachy vibe. This style includes longer hair on top with some texturized layer giving it a carefree appearance,

Kinky South of France

21. The Bald Fade Fauxhawk Style

It combines elements of high fade and faux hawk. The sides and back of the head are shaved very short or even completely bald. Also the hair on top of the head is left longer and styled into a central strip that runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Bald Fade Fohawk

22. The Careless style

The careless style features short sides and back with longer hair on top. The sides and back are often faded therefore creating a contrast with the longer hair on top. The top is left long and can be styled in a messy manner.

Carless South of Franc

23. Dyed Blonde Mohawk

The sides and back of the head are typically shaved or closely faded to create a clean look. The hair on top forms a mohawk and then dyed blonde to create a bold and eye catching effect

Dyed Blonde Mohawk South of France

24. Tight Curls Style

It is the combination of the traditional style with tight curls. The sides and the back of the head are faded while the top is left longer and styled with tight curls.

south of France

25. Dreadlock Style

It is the combination of the classic style with dreadlocks. he sides and the back of the head are faded while the top is left longer and styled with dreadlocks.

South of France Haircut

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How Difficult Is It To Maintain South of France Haircut?

Very little upkeep is necessary for maintenance of the South of France haircut. And the greatest part is that if you have curly, coily, or kinky hair, this cut looks much better on you! The hairstyle’s varied dimensions and delicate burst fade will enhance rather than contrast with the texture of your mane. However, this does not mean you should neglect your hair care routine!. Some of the ways of maintaining this hairstyle include:

  • Using shampoo and hair conditioners
  • Using moisturizers
  • Trimming regularly
  • Protect your hair from the sun
  • Comb and brush your hair regularly
  • Do not brush or comb your hair aggressively
  • Maintain a healthy scalp

Note that maintaining your south of France haircut varies based on the hair type and also the preference. so it is advisable to consult your barber for advice on maintaining your south of France hair style.


The south of France is one of the hairstyles that has evolved over time and it also comes with various good-looking styles. This haircut is a wonderful option for those who love to try new option as regarding hairstyles. It has a style for any kind of face, any hair texture and this is a good reason why you can try out the various styles that has been listed in this article. Depending on your personality and preference, all these styles listed above will uplift your current look.

FAQs About South of France Hairstyle

What is the south of France hairstyle?

The south of France is a gentleman’s mohawk. It is styled with a skin fade by the side leaving the hair on top longer. the hair on top can now be styled into a textured or curly one.

How long should I leave my hair before styling for south of France haircut?

A south of France haircut looks good on either short or medium hair length, so you will need to cut your hair short to style South of France style.

Is it tough to maintain South of France?

South of France haircut is very simple to maintain due it it short length and faded sides. it only the twisted and dreadlock styles that requires extra maintenance for the style.

How long should I get a haircut to re style my south of France style?

Two to three weeks is enough for you to restyle your south of France haircut


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