15 Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes that Matches Every Skin Tone

Ever wondered if blue, black, or green are the best hair colors for green eyes? Well, you’re not alone! With just 2% of the global population rocking green eyes, the talk about the ideal hair shade is still up for discussion.

That’s why we’re here to clear up all the confusion. In this article, we’re breaking down the debate and answering any questions you might have. So, if you’re part of that lucky 2% with green eyes, no need to stress. We’ve got you covered! Let’s dive in and find the perfect hair color for your unique gaze

best hair colors for green eyes

Understanding Green Eyes

Hey there! Did you know that green eyes are incredibly rare? As in only 2% of the world’s population? They’re also considered to be the most attractive eye color! This is because of their unique structure, which scatters light and creates a stunning green hue. It’s fascinating that there are so many variations of green eyes – from deep emerald to light hazel, and sometimes incorporating flecks of gold or brown.

Choosing the right hair color can be challenging, but it’s much easier once you know which shades complement your green eyes and skin tone. That’s why I’m here to help! This guide will provide all the information you need to choose the best hair color to enhance your appearance. Let’s get started!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Color Selection

  1. The first thing you need to do is identify your Green eyeshade: You could fall under the Hazel category or the emerald, amongst others. Knowing your shade makes it easier to narrow down what hair colors suit you best.
  2. Consider your skin tone: Everyone knows if they are light-skinned or dark, tanned or pale, and everything in between. What most people don’t know is that skin undertones also matter. For instance, people with warm skin tones should use richer, warmer colors; on the flip side, those with cooler tones can go for lighter shades.
  3. Making Impact: If you want to enhance the vibrancy of your eyes, you can look for contrasting hair colors, e.g., dark browns and reds, which go well with light eyes and vice versa. 
  4. Experiment a Little: Feeling risque? Experiment with Highlights and balayages, a shade or two lighter than your hair. This helps add dimension and volume to your look. This would pair well for those with small faces and thin hair. 
  5. Test Hair Swatches or Temporary Dyes: Before committing to a color, use temporary hair dyes and swatches in different shades. This way, you can go over a wide variety without risking damage to your hair. Check your local store for tested, trusted products and get help from experts, which leads to our last step.
  6. Consult a professional: Check in with your stylist or one closest to you for more personalized advice based on your features. With their experienced eyes, they can tell what shade would suit your style, eye color, and skin tone the best. They’ll be able to tell what shades you would be able to maintain and still be able to slay on a budget, as some colors may require frequent touch-ups compared to others. 

What Are the Different Shades of Green? 

a picture showing the different shades of green eyes

Different Shades of Green Eyes from freepik.com

Understanding the shades can make all the difference in finding the perfect hair color for green eyes. Green eyes come in shades, from subtle hints of olive to deep emerald gems. Some have specks of other colors, like blue and gold. The goal is to select shades that enhance the green tones and create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing overall appearance.

Some standard shades include: 

  1. Emerald Green (Dark green) is often considered the most intense shade, a jewel-like mix of green and brown. You should try using hair colors that contrast, for example, deep reds or dark browns, to emphasize the vividness of the emerald shade.
  2. Olive Green: The eyes of these shades tend towards a warm golden green tone, so they pair well with earthy shades. It would help if you were looking at hair colors like chestnut brown and warm caramel to enhance the natural warmth in your beautiful eyes.  
  3. Hazel Green: A blend of green and brown, often with golden flecks. This multi-tonal attribute allows for more reach in hair Colour selection. It would be best to consider experimenting with red and rich browns or highlights to accentuate the colors more.
  4. Blue Green: The name explains itself; it mixes blue and green eyes with specks of gold or brown. You should use cool shades like ash blonde or light browns to balance the blue-green range.
  5. Light Green: Pale or light tones green eyes with a more muted effect but still as beautiful as the rest. If you fall under this category, use soft pastels and neutral colors so as not to overwhelm the green.

If your shade needs to be added to the list, feel free to share in the comments below, and we can create another blog that fits you! 

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Next is Knowing Your Skin Tone 

Some people don’t know that skin tone determines what hair color suits you best. By considering skin tone when choosing what hair color works for your eyes, you can create a wonderful overall appearance that makes your eyes stand out. There are generally three main categories of skin tone: cool, warm, and neutral. 

1. Cool Skin Tone

Individuals with cool undertones have a pinkish or bluish complexion. Shades like Platinum Blonde, Ash Brown, or Icy Tips tend to compliment this tone. 

2. Warm Skin Tone

These people have a more yellow, golden, or peachy complexion. Honey blondes, Caramel Browns, and Rich Reds work well for this skin tone. 

3. Neutral Skin Tone

This is usually a mix of cool and warm undertones. The individuals under this category can rock most hair colors and are advised to do so to find a personal balance for themselves. 

Fun fact: Did you know that green and brown eyes usually mean one falls under the warm skin tone category? 

Drum rolls, please???? for the moment we have all gathered here, I present to you: 

15 Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes 

1. Auburn

The rich red tones scream attitude! It helps intensify the greenness of your eyes. Creating balance and adding warmth to the look you’re going for. It gives the vibe of boldness and class, definitely for the ladies who are not afraid of a bit of spice. 

auburn hair color for green eyes
Emma Stone on the Red Carpet

2. Chestnut Brown

Offers a natural and warm Compliment to green eyes. It is a look that gives off earthy, gentle vibes and is easy to maintain (in terms of retouching roots if not natural color). it is one of the best hair colors for green eyes

Elizabeth Olsen with brown hair that matches with her green eyes at the red carpet
Elizabeth Olsen / photo by Jason Merritt on Getty Images

3. Copper Red

This fierce, fiery shade brings warmth and stunning pop to the look. Gorgeous on all skin tones and hues and a statement maker, it’s sure to bring attention to your exotic eyes.

image of a red hair woman with green eyes
Uploaded by AIMasterWorksCollection on Pinterest 

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4. Dark Auburn

Looking for a hair color for green eyes, then Dark Auburn is the best choice for that as it provides a rich, deep hue that accentuates the green. It gives off a shade that is easy to maintain as it is close to your dark roots while complimenting your complexion. 

image of a beautiful woman
From @ruteboazhair on Instagram

5. Platinum Blonde

if you’re looking for a cool contrast between the icyness of the hair that gravitates attention to your eyes in a modern chic way, then Platinum is the way to go! Especially for pale skin. 

Image of a woman with blonde hair green eyes
By Aleksandr Stebunov

6. Honey Blonde

image of Amanda Seyfried on the Red Carpet
Amanda Seyfried on the Red Carpet 

This color accentuates your eyes’ hazel or golden flecks. Its warm shade gives off a sunny, radiant effect. 

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7. Dark chocolate brown

This is a deep shade that adds depth to the vividness of your greens. Very fitting for warm undertones, olive skins, and tan. If you don’t want to color your natural hair, add dark brown highlights to brighten it up. 

Image of a beautiful dark haired woman
Image from Pinterest

8. Strawberry blonde

Beautiful strawberry blonde hairstyles

So we are going for fun mixes now! For my girlies who are not afraid of a bit of pop, a balayage is the way to go. The blend of blonde and red here compliments the green so well and gives off a pastel, romantic feel. Want some hair color for green eyes? Be sure to go for the strawberry blonde color.

9. Burgundy

best burgundy hair pictures

The dark red-violet tones of this color offer a unique look, paired with either dark or light eyes, sure to make your features pop. 

10. Caramel Highlights

best caramel highlight hair styles

Adding caramel highlights to darker hair adds brightness to your look. It brings out the shades of green, yellow, and or gold in your eyes, creating what I like to call the ‘sun-kissed effect’. 

11. Ash Brown

beautiful blonde hair styles for women

You can’t go wrong with this color!  Brown gets a lot of slack for being “Basic”, but you can spice things up with a mix of silver. This calm tone gives a sophisticated look, especially for skin with cool undertones. It’s the go-to if you want to keep your hair dark, from soft shades to balayage.

13. Purple

purple hair colour for women 2023

I bet you didn’t expect to find this color here, right? For creatives who are not afraid to step outside the box, purple is the shade for you. On the other spectrum of the color wheel, it is a good contrast for your light or dark green eyes. 

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13. Black

This gives a classic feel to the look. You should rock the color confidently if you have lovely black hair and a warm or cool skin tone. One thing I’ve learned about green eyes and other colors during my research is that contrast is the money shot. The difference between the colors makes the green in your eyes pop.

14. Golden Brown

Just as the name implies, golden brown gives off the feel of luxury and, like other colors on our list, accentuates the green of your eyes. Always be playful with your hair; get layers or bangs to frame your face beautifully.

15. Ash Blonde

Photo by Tailor Hill on Getty Images

This mix of blonde and silver gives off a similar feel to natural blonde locks; it is a low-maintenance way to slay for my stress-free girlies. If you have cool skin undertones, this is a style to try.


Feel free to explore the suggestions above with your hairstylist or whoever you trust with scissors and dye around your hair. Celebrate your unique features by tailoring your selection to match your skin tone and amplify the appeal of your eyes.

Remember that confidence is the ultimate accessory, and pridefully strut your choice! 

Stay tuned for more updates on other lifestyle tips from us, and always share suggestions!

FAQ for Best Hair Colors for Blue eyes

What hair colors enhance the vibrancy of green eyes, and how do they create a stunning contrast?

  While all colors mentioned in the list above add vibrancy to green eyes, I think the cake goes to those in or close to the darker shades: auburn, black, and brown. These shades on the opposite spectrum make the greens stand out, creating an eye-catching, striking look. Being able to balance the look while adding depth and, in some cases, dimension makes it one of the best options. 

Are there specific shades within blonde, brunette, or red color families that work best for individuals with green eyes?

Yes, depending on your preference, specific shades can be adapted to enhance your natural eye color. 

1. Fair Skin: 

Choosing hair colors like platinum, silver, ash, and champagne is best if your skin is fair with warm undertones. For cooler undertones, go for gold, caramel, and honey shades. Try red hair colors like auburn, strawberry blonde, copper, amber, and rust if you have neutral undertones. These shades will complement your skin tone and give you a beautiful and natural look. 

2. Olive / Tan Skin: 

You will look stunning with dark chocolate, chestnut, and dark auburn hair colors if you have medium skin with warm undertones. If you have cold undertones, you should experiment with shades of caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, mahogany, and soft black. These will be your go-to hues for stunning hair with neutral undertones for those of you with neutral undertones. 

3. Dark Skin:

Golden brown or caramel are excellent options for warm undertones. Neutral undertones should opt for brown red, reddish-brown, and chestnut, while cool undertones should choose dark brown or brown-black.

3. How can one determine the most flattering hair color for green eyes based on factors like skin tone and personal style preferences?

Deciding on what hair color is the most flattering for your green eyes involves several factors. 
For one, understanding where you fall under the warm, cool, or neutral skin tones helps select colors complimenting said complexion and eyes. Warm tones individuals should gravitate towards the auburn and copper variants. Light shades like platinum or ash blondes are the go-to option for cool tones. Neutral-toned girlies have a free range to experiment with, taking us to personal style preferences.
When considering personal style preferences, like going natural, making a bold statement, or joining a current trend, maybe throw some ombré or highlights in the mix. The best still remains seeing a hair professional who can refine your selection for you while still making sure it matches who you are as an individual and what exactly you’re going for while still bringing out the beautiful eyes you have to flaunt.


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