Bangs for Round Faces: 30 Most Flattering Ideas

Round faces exude natural femininity and cuteness, and when paired with the right bangs, you can achieve an epic, bold, and chic appearance. explore our list of flattering hair bangs for round faces today to achieve that glam you’ve always desired.

Bangs for round faces

Hair fashion changes a lot, but guess what? Bangs have been hanging around forever, or at least it feels like it. They started as a cool fashion thing, then got all political, and now people even use them for relaxation. Bangs these days come in every shape, length, and style you can think of. So, if you want to learn more about hair or need ideas for your next haircut, here’s the scoop on the long and interesting history of bangs.

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The History of Bangs

A long time ago, like a century or two, people started cutting the tails of actual ponies straight across, calling it “bang-off.” Yep, real ponytails from horses! It was a trend for styling horse tails, and they still call it “bang-tail” today. Over time, the term crossed over from horses to humans, and now in North America, we use “bangs” to talk about haircuts with that style.

In the UK and many other places, they call the same style a “fringe,” and unlike the ponytail story, it doesn’t involve any farm animals. So, that’s how we got “bangs” and “fringe”

Are bangs good for round faces?

Bangs are super versatile and usually look good on lots of people, especially those with round faces. But, like any hairstyle move, it’s important to chat with a stylist before you go for it. They can give you the lowdown on what would suit you best. According to Joel Goncalves, a senior stylist at John Frieda Salons, bangs can totally change how a round face looks. He says, “Fringes can reshape a round face. It’s my favorite type of face to work with. A well-done fringe can seriously change the whole look of your face.”

What are the worst bangs for round faces?

For round faces, it’s generally fine to choose various bang styles, but one to steer clear of is sharp, straight fringe. According to Antiga, short blunt bangs are often not recommended because they create a horizontal line that makes the face look shorter and wider.

Trendy Charming Types of Bangs for Round Faces 

1. Side-swept Bangs for round faces

side swept bangs for round faces

 If we were handing out awards for hairstyles, side bangs would be the big winner for being the most popular. They look especially good on round faces, which are soft and often wider in the cheeks. According to Reyman, a hairstylist, having bangs that sweep to the side is a great choice for a round face. The way the bangs fall creates the illusion of more length in your face, making it look more oval in shape.

2. Ruffed Bangs For Round Faces

Ruffed bangs for round faces

Achieve a layered and textured appearance by styling ruffled bangs on dry, coarse hair. This approach is particularly suitable for women with round faces and prominent foreheads who want to experiment with a short pixie cut.

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3. Round face wispy bangs 

round face wispy bangs

 If you have a round face, wispy bangs that are long and a bit messy can be a great choice. You can wear them casually for a night out or switch to a center-part style for a more formal occasion.

4. Choppy  bangs for round faces

choppy bangs for round faces

Choppy bangs are different from straight or blunt bangs because they have a lot of movement and texture. The uneven length of choppy bangs helps balance out the roundness of the face.

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5. Curtain Bangs for Round faces

curtain bangs for round faces

Guess what’s still trendy for 2023? Curtain bangs! They’re super flexible and look good on almost any face. They’re especially awesome for rounding out faces, making them seem slimmer. But, you know, they need a little upkeep to stay fabulous.

6. Micro bangs for round faces

micro bangs

Tiny bangs are getting a lot of love, and there’s a good reason for it! No matter your face shape, you can rock them as long as you style them to match your features. If you’ve got an oval or round face, no need to stress micro-bangs will look awesome on you.

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7. Layered Bangs

layered bangs

layered bangs are like your secret weapon to take the focus off your face shape. They work wonders, especially for round faces. The layers do this cool thing where they frame your face and make those cheekbones look all soft and nice, giving you this really flattering look.

8. Jagged Bangs with Layered Bob

 Jagged Bangs with Layered Bob

 imagine stepping into a room with this haircut – heads turn, and people are thinking, “Wow, that looks cool!” It’s not just a regular hairstyle; it’s a style upgrade made just for round faces. So, if you’re into rocking a haircut that’s not just the usual but makes you look effortlessly cool, this combo of uneven bangs and a longer back is what you need!

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9. Tousled Shaggy Bangs for round faces

Tousled Shaggy Bangs for round faces

you’ve got these relaxed bangs doing their thing, adding a touch of coolness to your overall look. Combine that with a shaggy cut that’s not too short or too long, and you’ve got the ultimate combo for that easygoing, stylish vibe. So, if you’re all about sporting a hairstyle that’s not just on-trend but makes you look effortlessly cool, opting for tousled bangs with a medium-length shaggy cut is the way to go, especially for those round faces.

10. Front Bangs for Round Faces

Front Bangs for Round Faces

Front bangs are a cool choice if you’ve got a round face! They add some style and really go well with the round shape. Imagine waking up with these bangs framing your face instant upgrade, right? They make your eyes and cheekbones stand out, and you can switch things up by wearing them straight down or swept to the side for a bit of flair.

11. Round Face & Medium Hair with Bangs

round face and medium hair with bangs

if you’ve got a round face and decide to go for medium hair with bangs, it’s like making a bold move. Ditching those long strands and bringing the bangs to cover your forehead can totally transform your look. You’ll rock a vibe that’s not just cool but a bit daring, sassy, cheeky, and playful – like you’re up to something fun and mischievous.

12. Voluminous Messy Bangs for Round Faces

Okay, when it comes to bangs for round faces, the goal is simple, they’re all about adding angles to make your face look awesome. Take a look at the picture after the haircut, those bangs did wonders for the long hair! And not just that, they gave her a cute and kinda sexy vibe. It’s like an instant upgrade to her whole look.

13. Pearl Blonde Shag with long bangs

Pearl Blonde Shag with long bangs

Long curtain bangs, they’re like the hottest thing right now, especially for round faces! Pair them up with a medium-length shaggy cut, and boom you’ve got a winning combo. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a fresh and dreamy style that’ll leave a great impression on everyone who sees you. Seriously, it’s the way to go.

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14. Straight Bangs for Medium Hair

 Straight Bangs for Medium Hair

Hey, if you’ve got thin, straight hair and you’re thinking about spicing things up, here’s the scoop: go for a simple straight fringe. It’s like a quick style boost. And here’s the cool part: add in some platinum hair with soft layers. Bam, you’ve got this chic vibe that kicks any outfit up a notch. If you’ve got straight hair and a round face, seriously, these bangs for round faces are worth a shot. It’s a game-changer and definitely something to try out.

15. Cute curly Bangs for Round face

Cute curly Bangs for Round face

Wispy Bangs are cool whether your hair is straight or curly. But here’s the deal: make sure the textures look good together. Keep the curls loose at the top and more spiraled towards the ends. Now, to complete the look, match your sweet style with some natural makeup. It gives you that cute girly vibe. And hey, if you’ve got a round face, these bangs for round faces could be just what you need.

16. Short Thick Bangs for a Long Shaggy Haircut

Short Thick Bangs for a Long Shaggy Haircut

A lot of women think bangs have to be long, especially if you’ve got a round face. But here’s the thing, chopping them short can give you this cool and creative vibe. It’s like perfect if you’re into that hipster girl look. And for those with a round face, match up those cropped bangs with long wavy hair along your face. It kinda stretches it out and makes it look awesome. So, if you’re going for a fresh and trendy look, these bangs for round faces might be your thing.

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17. Graduated face from Bangs For Round Faces

Graduated face from Bangs For Round Faces

 Honestly, we’re not sure where this fringe stops and the side layers begin. But hey, this combo totally shows off those nice cheekbones and makes the face look less wide. If you’ve got a round face, this mix could be the perfect bangs for round faces. It’s like magic for highlighting your features.

18. Arched Wispy Bangs and Wavy Looks

Arched Wispy Bangs and Wavy Looks

Thick-haired girls often go for longer styles, but you know what? Short cuts for thick hair can be super cool if done right. Check out how those messy wispy bangs blend in with the hairstyle – it’s pretty awesome, right? And if you’ve got a round face, these bangs for round faces could be a game-changer. They add a little extra flair to your thick hair and make it look really cool.

19. Bob with Curtain Fringe For Round Face

Bob with Curtain Fringe For Round Face

If you’ve got a round face and some pretty thick hair, a bob haircut with bangs could be just the thing. It’s like a perfect fit. Plus, the best part is, it’s super easy to style, just give your hair a bit of a tousle now and then, and you’re good to roll. Easy peasy, right? So, if you’re into that low-maintenance but stylish vibe, these bangs for round faces with a bob cut might be exactly what you need.

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20. Bangs with vivid color

Bangs with vivid color

 Bangs for round faces don’t have to be dull, seriously. There are loads of cool options out there, and one of them is a layered fringe with trendy color blocking. It’s like a game changer for your style, you know? So, if you’ve got a round face, don’t think it has to be basic. Try these bangs for round faces and watch how they can totally update your whole look.

21. Long swoopy bangs for round faces

Long swoopy bangs for round faces

Swoopy bangs look super classy and chic, especially if you’ve got a round face. If you’re after some romantic vibes, you should totally go for a fringe like that. It’s the key to rocking a stylish and charming look, especially with those bangs for round faces.

22. Long Hair with framing bangs with highlight

Long Hair with framing bangs with highlight

 If you’ve got dark hair and you want to spice things up, consider adding highlights. It’s like giving your hair this cool effect, almost like the sun is hitting it in all the perfect spots. This trick works wonders, especially for adding some texture to your hair and bringing out cool tones in your black hair. And hey, if you’ve got a round face, trying out these bangs for round faces could really amp up your style game.

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23. Slimming sliced bangs for round faces

Slimming sliced bangs for round faces

These bangs are just right for a face that needs a slimming effect. The arched fringe with a choppy texture does this cool thing where it makes the face look longer, kinda like an oval. And here’s the kicker if you’ve got a round face, these bangs for round faces could be your ticket to a fresh and slimmed-down look.

24. Bedhead Bangs Hairstyle for Round Faces

Bedhead Bangs Hairstyle for Round Faces

Those super sleek hairstyles don’t really click with round faces, and the same goes for all neat bangs on a round face. They miss that edgy touch needed to break the roundness. What you need is that bedhead look.

So, listen up – bangs for round faces can be a hit no matter how long, what color, or how your hair feels. Get a bit artsy with those front strands to make your beauty pop, and don’t shy away from trying different bang styles. It’s about having fun and figuring out what suits you best!

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25. Balancing cheekbone-skimming Bangs

Balancing cheekbone-skimming Bangs

if you’ve got a round face, those cheek-grazing curtain bangs are the bomb! Let your hair flow down past your chin, especially if your face is a bit chubby. Shoulder-length hair is the trick to give your face a longer look. And oh, don’t forget the keyword: bangs for round faces!

26. Side layered Bangs Grazed with color

Side layered Bangs Grazed with color

Hey there! If you’re a girl looking for a fancy hairstyle for prom or winter formal, check out these cool long curls with bangs swept to the side. It’s a super stylish and polished look that’s also fun and youthful.

Oh, and I hope I’ve answered your question about bangs for round faces!

27. Soft Straight Bangs for Round Faces

Soft Straight Bangs for Round Faces

This straight bangs style is cut with care, making it a bit thinner and textured towards the tips. It’s not too harsh, and it smoothly fits in with the thicker sections that frame your face, especially if you have a round face shape.

28. Eye- Grazing Fringe for Chubby Faces

Eye- Grazing Fringe for Chubby Faces

If you’ve got a round face and want to switch up your hairstyle, consider going for a layered medium-length fringe. You can wear it straight, sweep it to the side, or part it down the middle for different looks.

29. Minimalistic Side Bangs

Minimalistic Side Bangs

One cool trick to make your dark hair more interesting is by adding highlights that make it look like sunlight or moonlight is hitting just the right spots. This works great for thin bangs, giving your black hair some depth and cool tones instead of the usual warm ones. It’s like giving your hair a little extra something.

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30. Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Side updos work well for fancy events or just hanging out. Instead of the usual side sweep, try adding bangs in the front for a trendy and cool vibe, especially for gals who want a modern touch. This hairstyle is a winner for round faces!

Other bangs for round faces include;

  • Piecey Bangs for round faces
  • Voluminous messy bangs for round faces 
  • Deep see-through bangs for round faces
  • Airy bangs 
  • Neat middle bangs
  • Edgy look for women with round faces
  • Perfect straight bangs 
  • Luxurious  piecey bangs for thick hair
  • Uneven choppy bangs
  • Blowout  hairstyle with side-swept bangs
  • Crescent bangs for wide faces

In Conclusion ;

 To wrap it up, if you’ve got a round face and you’re thinking about changing up your hairstyle, don’t overlook the magic of bangs. Whether you go for curtain bangs, layered ones, or something else, bangs can make your face look awesome and stylish. Just chat with a stylist before diving in to get the best advice for your unique look. Bangs are like the secret ingredient that can add a bit of flair and confidence to your style, giving you a fresh and fabulous vibe. So, if you’re up for it, give those bangs a shot and see the difference they can make for your round face.


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