Slicked back ponytails: 15 Amazing Styles for your next hairdo

The slicked back ponytail has stood the test of time as a classic and sophisticated hairstyle. In recent times, a touch of innovation has been introduced to add a modern twist to this beloved look.

slicked back ponytail

If you’re on the lookout for some fresh and stylish slicked back ponytail ideas, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential information to help you perfect and personalize your slicked back ponytail.

What is a slicked back ponytail?

A slicked-back ponytail is a type of hairstyle where the hair is gathered and secured towards the top or central part and the highest point on the scalp which can be in a casual formal thereby giving it a sleek and polished appearance. 

How do you do a slicked back ponytail on every Hair type?

  1. Dry your hair if wet and brush it.
  2. Rub a sufficient amount of hair cream or serum through your hair to make it look glossy and provide hold so your hairstyle stays flat.
  3. Brush your hair (preferably with a paddle brush) so it becomes smooth and flat enough as a paddle brush helps to reduce static which makes your hair frizzy.
  4. Pull your hair up and gather it at the center (crown) of your head.
  5. Spray gel or spritz onto the brush and run through your hair. The spray protects the fine hair from becoming loose and also makes your hair look fuller.
  6. Wrap an elastic hair band or elastic bungee around the ponytail. 
  7. This helps to keep the top of your hair smooth and prevent bumps or ridges from forming on your smoothed hair.

What do people use for a slicked-back ponytail?

People basically and mostly use a good hairspray for any slicked-back ponytail by spraying it directly on a bristle brush, while you comb your hair and lock it at the center of the head.

A step-by-step guide on how to get a smooth ponytail. 

1. Start with a clean, dry hair:

Ensure your hair is clean by washing it if there is a need for it with shampoo and conditioner. Then blow it until it’s completely dry before moving to the next step, as doing this helps to avoid any frizz.

2. Apply a heat protectant:

Using a silicon heat protector safeguards the hair from the heat of a flat iron and also further heat damage and this can be done before blow-drying your hair.

3. Use a hair straightener or flat iron:

A flat iron helps to straighten the hair, makes it look sleeker, and also increases formaldehyde activity in the hair.

This can be achieved by using a flat iron, starting at the roots and gradually working your way down to the end.

4. Tease the crown:

To create a volume at the crown, take a small section of hair and tease it up with a brush. Be careful not to exaggerate it as this will make your hair look too wild.

 5. Smooth the top layer:

After teasing the crown, use a comb or your fingers to smooth down the top layer of your hair.

6. Gather your hair into a ponytail:

Assemble your hair and place it in the centre of your head. But if you’re opting for a high ponytail,   there might be a need to bow your head down so that all your hair will be easy to catch up with and be able to smooth.

 7. Secure your ponytail

 To keep your ponytail safe, you’ll need a flexible hair tie to accomplish that and it’s essential to use a hair tie that doesn’t cause breakage or dent.

8.  Use hair spray and Edge Control

To finish off and keep everything in place, use a light layer of hairspray and apply it to your hair. And that’s it, you’re now ready to rock your slicked-back ponytail! 

15-slicked-back ponytail ideas

1. Twisted Buns

Twisted buns

To create a twisted bun slicked-back ponytail, incorporate twists or braids into the slicked-back ponytail, this will add a touch of texture and visual interest and thus can be positioned at a different height on the head.

2. Sky-High coif ponytail

Sky-High coif ponytail

This hairstyle is suitable for formal events as it adds beauty and drama to the traditional slicked-back ponytail and this can be acquired by creating voluminous hair into a sleek ponytail.

3. Slick pixie

Slick pixie

A slick pixie ponytail is a polished and sleek hairstyle where the hair is tightly pulled back into a high ponytail. The result is a clean and refined look, with no loose strands, and a hint of playful elegance reminiscent of a pixie cut.

4. Deep part 

Deep part 

This hairstyle adds a touch of asymmetry and sophistication to the classic slicked-back look. 

A deep part slicked back ponytail involves creating a dramatic side part before gathering and fastening the hair into a ponytail.

This variation is versatile and allows you to select the side of the part based on your choice and complement your facial features for an elegant and modern aesthetic. 

5. Wet hair slicked back Ponytail

Wet hair slicked back Ponytail

This is a contemporary and bold hairstyle that tends to appear like wet hair. It is achieved by using an adequate amount of styling gel and it creates a sleek, glossy, and almost damp look.

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6. Classic slick back

Classic slick back

This style involves smoothly combing the hair back from the forehead, applying styling products for a sleek finish, and securing the gathered hair into a ponytail. This style goes with any occasion from casual to formal.

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7. Voluminous Roots ponytail

Voluminous Roots ponytail

It involves teasing or lifting the hair at the top of the head to give a voluminous effect by including added volume at the root or crown of the hair and being pulled into a sleek ponytail.

It gives a polished look with added height and texture, providing a fashionable and elegant twist to the classic style.

8. Loose Ends

Loose Ends

This type of slicked back ponytail adds a casual and carefree vibe to a polished ponytail which creates movement and softens the overall appearance. 

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9. Sleek mullet slicked back ponytail

Sleek mullet slicked back ponytail

The sleek mullet ponytail merges the classic mullet haircut with the sleek elegance of a ponytail. This unique style involves a shorter, neatly trimmed front and sides, gradually transitioning into longer hair at the back. The longer portion is then gathered and slicked back into a ponytail.

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10. Statement Bangs

Statement Bangs

In this style, the hair is gathered into a sleek ponytail while leaving prominent eye catching bangs framing the forehead.

The contrast between the polished ponytail and the statement bangs creates a dynamic and edgy look, making it a trendy choice for those who want to showcase distinct and stylish elements in their hairstyle.

11. Tucked Ends

Tucked Ends

The tucked-end slicked back ponytail is a refined hairstyle where the ends of the ponytail are neatly folded which gives it a clean finish.

After gathering the hair into a ponytail, the ends are tucked under the hair band revealing their seamless and elegant appearance.

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12. High ponytail

High ponytail

A structured high ponytail is great for any slicked back look but it’s important to start with an evenly smooth base. It is achieved by smoothing the hair back and ensuring it is tightly held at the center of the head.

It creates a very visually striking and polished look and is ideal for both formal events and everyday chick wear.

13. Side slick ponytail

Side slick ponytail

A side-slicked ponytail doesn’t always combine your strands straight back. Feel free to part your hair to a side or middle part, then slick it back from the sides and put it into a ponytail position to the side with the aid of a hair band.

It is suitable for any occasion as the side ponytail allows you to choose the sides that complement your features and personal style.

14. Up and back slicked back ponytail

This is an advanced hairstyle that is done by gathering the hair and putting it into a ponytail that sits higher on the head.

Up and back slicked back ponytail

This elevated sequence adds a touch of glamour and versatility thereby making it suitable for occasions from casual to more formal.

15. Textured slick back ponytail

 Textured slick back ponytail

A textured slick-back ponytail combines the sleekness of a traditional slicked-back style with added texture for a modern twist. The hair is smoothly pulled back into a ponytail, but instead of a completely smooth finish, there’s intentional texture and volume, creating a more dynamic and stylish appearance.

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In conclusion, the slicked-back ponytail combines elegance with practicality, offering a refined and polished hairstyle suitable for various occasions. Whether for a formal event or a chic everyday look, its versatility makes it a timeless choice that effortlessly exudes style.


Are there specific hair textures or lengths that work best for creating a stylish back ponytail?

Different hair textures and lengths can suit a stylish slicked-back ponytail. Straight or slightly wavy hair is easier to manage for a sleek, polished appearance. Longer hair enables a more dramatic ponytail, while medium lengths offer versatility. Even short hair can achieve a chic ponytail with suitable styling products. The crucial factor is adjusting the technique to match your hair’s natural attributes and your personal style preferences.

What products and tools are essential for keeping a slicked ponytail in place throughout the day?

In addition to a blow dryer, you’ll need either a hair oil or a strong-hold gel to imitate the slicked-back hair look. A high-quality comb or brush (to push all your hair back) will come in handy, as well.


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