43 Best Haircut and Hairstyles for men with receding Hairlines

Want some hairstyles for men with receding hairline? do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

A balding hairline refers to the thinning or loss of hair on the scalp, particularly at the front and top of the scalp, starting at the temple. It is a disorder that can be caused by many different factors and is more common in men than women.

hairstyles for men with receding hairline

For many, a receding hairline is reversible with treatment. If a man has a balding hairline, he is losing the hair from the front of his head. Patterned hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a natural part of aging that affects nearly 50% of males and females.

Males typically experience a receding frontal hairline, which begins just above the temples. Females more commonly have diffuse hair thinning in the middle of the head. Symptoms of a receding hairline may begin to develop after the end of puberty or anytime throughout adulthood. Although hair loss is part of aging, in some cases, it may be caused by an underlying condition.

Balding hairline is the most common type of hair loss among men of all ages which can pose a dilemma when styling hair.  Don’t worry if you have a receding hairline: You’re not alone, and you’re probably looking for haircuts that cater to your receding hairline. Our advice? Don’t hide it: own it!

That’s why we’re here to show you how to make the most out of your widow’s peak with the perfect textured hairstyles and haircuts that cater to receding hairlines.

Think of it as the total opposite of a comb-over(a style that’s typically associated with receding hairlines but which can actually accentuate the look of thinning hair). The idea behind this textured style is to minimize the attention drawn to your receding hairline by making the rest of your hair look thicker.

Essentially, by upping the volume elsewhere with the help of a messy top, you can counteract the lack of hair around your forehead. Did you know that a bit of mess and texture can help to disguise thinning? Plus, the great thing about messy ‘dos is that they can be as messy or as controlled as you like!

Finding a flattering hairstyle for a balding hairline isn’t easy. Choosing the right style depends on lots of factors, including how much hair you have left, your face shape, and the hairstyle you actually want. But there are lots of hairstyles that can work with a receding hairline. From buzz cuts to bleach, short styles to longer looks, but here are the top hairstyles for receding hairlines. Nothing is more disheartening than looking in the mirror and noticing that your hairline is slowly receding. Perhaps you didn’t see it coming. Maybe you did see it coming, but it happened much sooner than you thought. Either way, it sucks. But all is not lost, gentlemen! With a new haircut and the right men’s hair products, you can have Bueno hair once again.

Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss, such as a balding hairline, can affect men or women, but it’s more common in men. For example, in one study involving 535 women and 419 men aged 17 and older, hair loss was prevalent in 67.1% of the men and 23.9% of the women. Hair loss is usually linked with aging, but younger people can also experience hair loss and a receding hairline.

Male Pattern Baldness

Having a receding hairline doesn’t always mean that a person will be entirely bald later on. However, it can be an early sign of a condition called male pattern baldness (also called androgenetic alopecia or AGA).

Usually, there is a distinct pattern that occurs when a male loses his hair. The loss commonly occurs in progressive steps, which may include:

  1. A receding hairline that appears to be uneven
  2. A noticeable “M” shape appears at the hairline
  3. Loss of hair on the top or the back of the head (resulting in a bald spot)
  4. The area involving the receding hairline meets the bald spot (resulting in larger areas of hair loss)
  5. Complete balding on top (the only remaining hair appearing around the sides and back of the head)

Female Pattern Baldness

In women, the pattern of hair loss is usually very different than in men. Usually, females do not have the typical receding hairline that happens at the beginning of male pattern baldness. Instead, women commonly experience thinning on the top and crown of the scalp.

What causes a Balding Hairline

With a receding hairline, the hair begins to fall out as a result of damage to hair follicles. Under normal circumstances, as hair naturally reaches its maturity stage, strands fall out and new ones replace it. But when the hair follicles become damaged, there is a risk of scarring and the risk that hair will no longer regrow. Genes are the most common cause of male- and female-pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia).

Hair loss is usually related to one or more factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Scalp infections
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions (such as alopecia areata, infectious diseases, ovarian tumors, or other conditions)
  • Family history
  • Stress (a stressful event may cause hair loss, but this is usually temporary)
  • Excessive hairstyling (involving the use of heat from blow dryers or curling irons)
  • Hairstyles that pull the hair very tight (such as cornrows
  • Poor diet (lacking in adequate protein)

Prevention of Balding Hair Loss

There are some preventative measures that can be taken to prevent hair from falling out. These include:

  • Avoiding hairstyles that pull tight on the hair (such as braids, cornrows, ponytails, or buns)
  • Avoiding constantly pulling, rubbing, or twisting hair.
  • Using a wide-toothed comb and gently brushing or combing hair.
  • Avoiding harsh chemical treatments on the head such as permanents or hot oil treatments.
  • Avoiding the use of hot rollers and curling irons (and other heated styling methods)
  • Avoiding drugs or supplements that could cause hair loss when possible
  • Quitting smoking.
  • Protecting the hair from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (or other types of ultraviolet light)
  • Using a cooling cap when taking chemotherapy to lower the risk of hair loss.

Note, if the cause of a person’s receding hairline is hereditary, it cannot be prevented.

Grooming tips for receding Hair Line

  1. Shave your Head, and Keep it That Way!
  2. Manage your Facial Fuzz
  3. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturise
  4. Pluck Those Eyebrows
  5. Discover your signature scent
  6. Take care of oral hygiene 
  7. Find a hand care routine and nail it
  8. Wear sunscreen – Always

Expert Insights on Balding Hairline

Consulting a hair loss specialist is crucial when dealing with a receding hairline. These experts have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and recommend the most effective treatments, such as scalp micropigmentation. By seeking professional advice, you can make informed decisions about addressing your receding hairline and regain confidence in your appearance.

Understanding the long-term outlook of a receding hairline is essential for managing expectations. While various treatment options are available, it’s essential to recognize that not all solutions provide permanent results. Hair loss may continue over time, requiring ongoing maintenance or additional treatments. Discussing the long-term implications with a specialist allows you to develop realistic expectations and choose an approach that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.


1. High Fade

high fade

A high fade helps your receding hairline blend into the rest of your hair, opening up more styling options. Bald fades achieve the best blend.

2. Slicked Back styles

.Slicked Back styles

Slicked-back styles are popular right now and they can look great with a receding hairline or widow’s peak. It works best if you have fairly limited hair loss

3. Textured brush forward

. Textured brush forward

Brushing your hair forward is a surefire way to hide thinning hair at your temples. It works best if you still have good density across your mid-scalp

5. Tousled mid-length cut

Tousled mid-length cut

Men with naturally curly hair (such as 3A type hair) may find that mid-length hairstyles effectively hide their receding hairline. The curls fall around the face, disguising any thinning hair.This style may not work as well for men with naturally straight or fine hair, as you won’t get as much natural coverage.

6. Buzzcut


Sometimes seen as a last resort, a buzzcut is actually a really strong look in itself (as many bald . celebrities can attest). It’s also really easy to maintain at home

7. Brushed up quiff

Brushed up quiff

A quiff is a bold look that can distract from any thinning or recession around your hairline. Choose a simple spiky style (left) or a bold bouffant (right).spiky style (left) or a bold bouffant (right).

8. Men’s Fringe

Men’s Fringe

A fringe is the ideal hairstyle for a receding hairline. It works with curly or straight hair textures, and hides any hair loss around your temples. Even a thinning fringe can hide hairline recession.

9. Beard Balance

 Beard Balance

The beard trend isn’t going anywhere, and it’s a great way to detract from hair loss on your head. If your beard is patchy or thin, Minoxidil can help stimulate beard growth. 

10. Side-Swept


The side-swept look is a modern favorite. It’s easy to style on a daily basis, and looks great with or without a beard. You’ll need good hair density across your mid-scalp to wear this look well.

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11. SlickStraight hairline

Having Afro-textured hair gives you the option to cut in a new hairline altogether. Shaving your hairline back a few extra millimetres can make any recession almost unnoticeable.

12. Modern Mohawk

Shaving down the sides of your hair with a stylish undercut can disguise your receding hairline, while a thick, tousled crop on top is the ideal distraction. You’ll need good coverage across the crown and mid-scalp to pull off this look.

13. Crew cut

The crew cut has been a go-to for years, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. This short style gets gradually shorter as it approaches the crown, leaving the longest hair in the front and making it an ideal receding hairline haircut.

14. Taper fade

This versatile technique can be applied to many different haircuts. With the kind of precise, artistic attention to detail you get by booking with a Pro, you can draw attention to the sides and back of your head for a polished look that shows you take your grooming seriously.

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15. Bald fade with locs

Want to keep those hard-earned locs but still like to keep it cropped on the sides? Try a bald fade. This option maintains the length on top while letting you keep the sides and neck tight with a fade that goes right down to the skin.

16. Close cut

Thinning hair or a receding hairline is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a natural part of the aging process for many men and women. If a longer style isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to wear your hair with confidence with a close cut, and consider sprucing it up with a fade or a taper hairline.

17. Mid fade with spiked hair

A tasteful spike may be one of the best hairstyles for receding hairlines, particularly for those with naturally straight hair, because it lends a thicker appearance at the front. Try combining it with a high fade for a dynamic look that gets gradually longer toward the top.

18. Clean shave

For some people, the best haircut for a receding hairline could just be a clean shave. Many men who lean into their hair loss and go “full bald” find that they love the look and simplicity of the style. Once you try it, you may never want to grow it back!      

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19. Business cut

You don’t have to wear a suit to look good with a business cut, but it definitely doesn’t hurt! As far as haircuts for a receding hairline go, this one is a deceptively straightforward option that keeps it simple while still looking professional.

20. Butch cut

This no-nonsense cut may be one of the best haircuts for receding hairlines because of its simplicity and because it looks great on virtually any head shape and with any hairline. With a totally uniform length and no fade, it can be done at home relatively easily or, for a slightly more polished look, by a seasoned Pro.

21. Regulation cut

The military-inspired regulation cut keeps some of the simplicity you’d expect. As the name suggests; strict armed service regulations. It’s a versatile choice that gives you freedom to taper or fade as high and as tight as you like.

22. Long and wavy

Somewhat ironically, long locks on men can be one of the more effective receding hairline or balding hairstyles. By growing your hair long, you can use a deep part to cover bald spots or draw attention away from thinning areas.

23. Pompadour with mid fade

This classic style was massively popular with rock and rollers around the ’50s and is making a major comeback today. Modernized by a mid fade, the iconic combed-back style can be a great choice for people with higher hairlines.

24. Faux hawk

Faux hawks bring just the right combination of edginess and approachability while working well with a receding hairline. The cropped sides accentuate the medium-length hair on top, which is styled uniform .length from the front of the head to the back

25. Top knot

The top knot is always a chic option for people who want to keep their long hair with a receding hairline. Keep those locks but buzz the sides for a bold, hip look that allows you to wear your hair up while enjoying. the easy upkeep of a cropped cut

26. Curly pompadour


If you’ve got curly hair and want to rock a modernized version of an American classic, try the legendary pompadour cut. Wavy or curly hair gives the look a dynamic, textured element, leaving the sides to be tapered and faded to your taste.

27. Mid fade


If you like to keep your options open with short- or medium-length hair but want to bring a little something extra to the sides, try a mid fade. This fade starts around halfway between your ears and your hairline, bringing a balance between the longer hair above it and progressively shorter hair below it.

29. Slicked back with undercut

For another mid-century throwback look with a contemporary twist, try this timeless style. Keeping the hair long in the front, shorter toward the crown, and close-cropped on the sides, work with your hairline to slick your hair back using a little pomade.

30. Wavy and side-swept

Use your wavy locks to your advantage with a side-swept style. This casual yet versatile look is perfect for any occasion and makes great use of medium to long hair, even if it’s thinning in patches or has a receding line.

31. Brushed-up curls

Similar to the curly pompadour, this receding hairline hairstyle helps you maximize your scalp coverage. Just brush those curls up and apply a little mousse or pomade to keep them there, and your hair’s natural texture will do the rest.

32. Bald fade with crew cut

For another variation on the common crew cut, try combining it with a more dramatic fade. A bald fade is exactly what it sounds like going all the way down to the skin. When paired with a crew cut, a higher fade works especially well.

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33. Low fade with long top

Low fade with long top

If you know you like to wear your hair a little shaggy but want to mix it up a bit, try adding a low fade to create a cool long- to medium-length hairstyle. Depending on how long the top is, a lower fade should blend in nicely.

34. Widow’s peak with tapered sides

Widow’s peak with tapered side

A receding hairline could either accentuate or reduce a widow’s peak, but there are still plenty of haircut options that will complement this distinctive feature. Try combining your peak with a taper or low, mid, or high fade.

35. Parted comb over

Parted comb over

If you have voluminous hair of decent length, this haircut can do wonders for your personal aesthetic, presuming you know your way around hair product and a fine-toothed comb. If your hair is overly thin at the front, particularly in the centre, this haircut is not recommended as it can accentuate sparsity when not styled correctly.

36. Edgy undercut

With forward-facing spiky hair on top and an even shave around the sides, the edgy undercut is a guaranteed head-turner. It’s also yet another perfect haircut for men with receding hairlines as it accentuates the strong points of your hair while downplaying the less dense areas.

37. Angled fringe

Angled fringe

Grow that hairline while you still have it and then style your bangs into an angled fringe. Similar to the textured layering option, an angled fringe allows you to hide your receding sections with choppy bangs and varying lengths. A versatile hairstyle, you can choose to either scissor, feather or clipper cut the sides, provided the top and fringe remain heavily textured and point-cut.

38. French crop

Short hair on the top plus a taper fade or undercut plus a long fringe equals the French crop. This unique cut is generally characterised by short hair fixed close to the crown and commonly pointed forward. Due to the hair sitting flat and down, this hairstyle works well if you are receding. It allows you to cover the more sparse section with longer hair lengths, creating the illusion of a more complete hairline.

39. Short caesar cut

Short caesar cut

Another popular haircut for men with receding hairline is a short caesar cut. The hair is left finger length on top and clipper-short on the sides and back for this look. The hair is combed forward with the fingers after being groomed with a light pomade or gel. A thinning top and a receding hairline will be covered up by this. One of the best short haircuts for receding hairline, caesar cut works well on all occasions.

40. Ivy league

Ivy league

Since it was founded by Ivy League institutions, the league is known as the Ivy League. It has a clean shape that contributes to a polished appearance that is ideal for everyday wear. The style is straightforward, with the top of the hair having a little more length and clipped close to the head on the back and sides. The crest of the wave has loudness.

41. Messy fringe

Messy fringe

Messy hair gives your appearance a purposeful air of disarray and is great for adding texture. Its lack of structure makes it ideal for achieving a more laid-back appearance.

It will go well with many different hairstyles and fashions, including a fringe. An unkempt fringe will hide your widow’s peak, add volume up front, and give the impression that your hair is larger. Additionally, it will produce an air of effortless cool.

42. Short disheveled hair

Short disheveled hair

It is attractive because it conveys a carefree and sloppy vibe. This is perfect for someone who wants their hair to have texture and seem sexy like they just got out of bed. Short hair is simpler to manage, but different textures and lengths of hair can be made to look disheveled. Additionally, it is much simpler to achieve an unruly look on hair that already has waves, but with the right grooming products, you can achieve an unruly look on any type of hair.

43. Hard part

hard portion hairtsyles for men with receding hairlines

Finding men’s haircut that looks stylish and professional is difficult. Any haircut gives a more structured look and a more conventionally macho feel. It can go with a range of hair kinds and styles, such as the pompadour or slick back, depending on your preferences. It has a sideline that was cut with a razor or trimmer. The hard portion won’t conceal your widow’s peak, but the hairstyle you select to go with it might. It might also be a wonderful way to celebrate and display it.


In conclusion, a common mistake that is made by men with thinning hair is to try and grow their hair out. They do this in an attempt to make their hair appear fuller, Unfortunately the longer hair makes hair loss more noticeable by drawing to the area with less hair. Similarly, some hairstyles make hair loss more visible than others can be frustrating for men.

However, it is possible to conceal these issues and feel confident with the right haircut. The buzz cut, crew cut, side part, undercut, and comb-over are some of the ultimate haircuts for men with the receding hairline and thinning hair. It is always best to consult a professional stylist to determine the best hairstyle for your face shape and hair type.


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