30 Purple Nails Art Ideas for Your Next Manicure

Hey there, Nail Enthusiasts! Ready to explore something cool yet equally fun for your nails? How about exploring purple nails? This Colour brings an exceptional touch to any stunning look, manicure inclusive. Whether you’re drawn to the soft allure of hyacinth, the delicate lilac, soothing lavender, or the deep, rich plum, the options are endless for you to play with!

So, buckle up as we discover the significance behind this captivating hue and go through a carefully curated collection of 30 nail ideas that will take your fingertips on an out-of-this-world journey!

What Does Purple Nails Symbolise?

Have you ever wondered why purple nails carry a certain allure? Falling between red and blue on the color wheel, It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a color filled with symbolism! Purple is synonymous with royalty, luxury, and power, tracing back to ancient times when only royalty could afford the rare purple dyes.

This shade often represents creativity, imagination, and luxury across various cultures. Moreover, in color psychology, purple is associated with spirituality, introspection, and creativity, making it a versatile and captivating choice for self-expression through nail art.

Purple Nails

30 Purple Nail Ideas for Your Next Manicure

Ready to step into the world of awe-inspiring nail art? Here are 30 irresistible designs, each curated to spark your creativity and elevate your nail game!

1. Royal Plum Perfection

Royal Plum Perfection

Deep plum shades for a regal and sophisticated touch. Its dark tones give me a classy vibe. I might be trying it out this holiday. What do you guys think? 

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2. Ombre Dream

Purple Ombre Nails
Purple Ombre Nails

I’ve noticed that dark and light shades appear stunning over time. Try an ombre gradient with shades of deep plum transitioning to pastel lavender for an ethereal look. Or do the opposite and still have flawless-looking hands. 

3. Marble Elegance

Purple marble nails

Achieve a sophisticated marble effect using deep and light purple swirls. Would you prefer all marbled out or just a few fingers free? 

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4. Two-Toned Colour Blocking

Two-Toned Colour Blocking

It gives business chic. Its appearance is very similar to abstract paintings on nails as well. With the right color pairing, this would be a bomb for office work. 

5. Mermaid Scales

Mermaid Scales
Mermaid Scales

This is for fans of the little mermaid and all things mermaid lore. Embrace mermaid-inspired scales by layering holographic purple polish over a dark base and adding iridescent flakes for a magical effect. If you feel that’s too much for you, you can go with alternating metallic paint that reflects light like scales are said to do under the sea!

Mermaid Scales

6. Purple Rain Splatter

Purple Rain Splatter Nails

Channel artistic splatter techniques using shades of purple or even a purple base with other colors for an abstract and vibrant design.

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7. Geometric Chic

 Geometric Chic
 Geometric Chic

Create a modern and chic look with geometric shapes in shades of purple, playing with lines, triangles, and squares.

8. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Purple Nail
Butterfly Garden Purple Nail

Paint graceful butterflies in purple hues over a lilac backdrop for a whimsical and feminine touch.

9. Short and Sweet


Like me! I’m just kidding (lol), but sometimes, simple, short nails are a mood you just have to go with once in a while. You get to play with different shades and maybe some glitter. I mean, who doesn’t love glitter?

10. Lace Delicacy

Lace Delicacy Purple Nails
Lace Delicacy Purple Nails

It’s givin’ goth girl vibes. Achieve elegance with delicate lace patterns in purple over a sheer or nude base or black lace on a purple base for a sophisticated look. 

11. Purple French Tips

Twist the classic French manicure using purple shades for the tips, adding a modern and stylish edge.

12. Acrylic Drop nails

 Acrylic Drop nails

I will forever be in awe of the level of creativity ladies will go through to look great. The molten and droopy effects on the nails are beautiful and speak of craftsmanship. One I would advise for a different look. 

13. Airbrush Nails

Airbrush Nails

This is for those who love detailed artwork and smooth, blended finishes. The airbrush allows for smoother color grading and intricate designs. It’s worth the shot for those who like the finer details. 

14. Rainbow Gradient

Rainbow Gradient

Create a rainbow gradient using multiple shades of purple and complimentary shades for a vibrant and cheerful appearance.

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15. Neon Purple Nails


Come on, guys! Neon is definitely one we should be mentioning. Though you can argue it falls under ombre. It’s still a beautiful shade that screams personality. Would you rock neon anything?

16. Watercolor Bliss

Watercolor Bliss

Experiment with watercolor effects in shades of purple for a soft, dreamy, and artistic look.

17. Pearl Embellishments

Pearl Embellishments
Pearl Embellishments

Add pearl embellishments or studs to accentuate your purple nails for an elegant and luxurious finish. Depending on your style, you could always go simple or over the top!

18. Textured Matte

Play with texture by combining matte and glossy finishes in different shades of purple for a modern twist.

Textured Matte
Textured Matte

19. Fruit Sorbet

Create a fun and playful design by painting tiny purple grapes or berries on a pastel purple base.

 Fruit Sorbet
 Fruit Sorbet

Did you know you could also make use of manicure stickers? There are numerous choices to choose from, and they’re usually cheap. Check out Amazon for some. 

20. Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Get creative with abstract shapes and lines in varying purple tones for an artsy and unique look.

21. Lavender Fields

avender Fields

For Spring, Duh! You can paint cute little flowers on a soft purple background for a calming vibe.

22. Glitter Ombre

Glitter Ombre
Glitter Ombre

Opt for a glitzy ombre effect by blending glittery purple polish from the tips to the base.

23. Tie-Dye Vibe

ie-Dye Vibe purple nails

Embrace the ’60s tie-dye trend with swirls of purple shades for a retro-inspired look.

24. Pearlescent Swirls

Pearlescent Swirls purple nails

Create mesmerizing swirls using pearlescent purple polish for a magical and whimsical design.

25. Stamped Accents

Stamped Accents purple nails

Use nail stamping tools to add intricate designs like lace patterns or floral accents in shades of purple.

26. Velvet Ribbon

Velvet Ribbon purple nails
Velvet Ribbon purple nails

Paint delicate ribbon-like patterns light purple over a darker base for a sophisticated finish.

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27. Abstract Dots

Abstract Dots

Experiment with abstract dot patterns in various purple shades for a playful and artistic touch. Lilac and Lavender are enjoyable colors to mix when creating this look. 

28. Foil Transfer

Foil Transfer
Foil Transfer

Incorporate foil transfer techniques to create intricate patterns or accents in metallic purple tones to add dimension and shine to your nails.

Colors like black and blue work best when creating this look. 

29. Galactic Dust

Galactic Dust Purple Nails

Nail art is one of the most beautiful expressions. If you’re all for the starry nights and cosmic feels, sprinkle holographic or iridescent dust over a dark purple base for a cosmic and sparkling effect. 

Galactic Dust Purple Nails

30. Paisley Prints:

Embrace intricate paisley designs in shades of purple for bohemian and artistic nail art. I highly recommend this for my artsy gals, as numerous patterns are available for you to choose from and unleash your creativity.  

Each of these designs offers a unique way to explore the versatility and beauty of purple nails, allowing you to express your creativity and style through your fingertips!

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Honourable mentions 

Here are some honorable mentions for you all!!

1. Flaming Pastels

Flaming Pastels purple nails
Flaming Pastels

it’s a mix of clear acrylics or matte and painted flames. I mean, how cool is that? 

2. Aubergine

Aubergine purple nails

The deep purple is lovely and gives a relaxed vibe. 

3. Alternate French

As the name implies, you paint the sides, not the top of your nails. It’s fun and gives off a different feel from the usual. 


Alright, let’s wrap this up! Now that you’ve seen these incredible nail ideas, it’s your turn to shine! Have you tried any of these designs yet? Maybe you’re eyeing one that wasn’t mentioned?

Please share your favorites, and tell us which shades or styles you’re itching to try next. Your nails are your canvas. it’s time to unleash your creativity! Experiment, and let your nails speak volumes about your style. Remember, the nail world is vast, so why stick to just one option? 


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