How to create a bible study notebook: DIY guide

One of the greatest decisions you can make during the course of a word study is to create a Bible study notebook, this is because having a Bible study notebook or journal helps you keep track of key points learned during word study

When I initially started Bible study, to be honest, it was the most disorganized thing I have ever done.

I read verses and wrote what I learned carelessly on any sheet I could find around, each time I want to make reference to lessons learned, my sheet just goes missing.

The idea of making a bible study notebook never crossed my mind until I met with a friend who asked about how I kept track of points gotten during Bible study.

I was mute throughout the whole conversation because who would have thought that I carelessly wrote things on any sheet I find around.

He further stated that “God loves orderliness, which I succumbed to, just take a look at creation, the way it was patterned in an orderly manner”

My friend then suggested that I make my own Bible study notebook and he directed me on how to go about it.

So basically in this article, you will learn how to create a Bible study notebook using the guide he taught me.

Without further ado, let’s proceed

How to create a Bible study notebook

How to create a bible study notebook

What is a bible study notebook

A Bible study notebook is a book/journal that helps keep your bible study organized. Bible study notebooks can be used for Bible journaling, Bible prophecy studies, and Bible memory work Bible journaling is a great way to discover God’s truth. Journaling helps you process what you read and helps make the concepts more memorable.

It also helps in keeping track of lessons learned during word study.

How to make a Bible study notebook

How then do I make my own Bible study notebook? What supplies do I need?

Well, to make a Bible notebook, you will need a few items, and that includes:

  1. 3 ring binder
  2.  Paper
  3.  Divider
  4.  Hole punch
  5.  Pen, highlighters.

Simply assemble your notebook together for your personal use.

How I DIY my own Bible study notebook


How do I make a bible study notebook that will be very resourceful to me First? This is how I got started.

First, I visited a book store and bought a ready-made notebook that is thick, simple, and portable.

Something I can take along with me everywhere I go without the feeling of being overburdened.

Also, your journal should have spirals so it can easily lay any time you flip it open.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with the pages flipping over while you pen down your points.

While there are tons of Bible study notebook ideas and templates, this is the one I have settled with.

After you have finished creating your Bible study notebook, the next thing you should do is partition it into sections and allocate tabs to each section.

The tabs I used include:

  1.  Prayer
  2.  Bible study
  3.  Notes
  4.  Bible verses
  5.  Dates

What do I put in each section

1. Prayer Section:

In these section of my bible notebook, I write down prayers for nations, the body of Christ, my family, etc.

We need to be territorial, winning our territories over to God. Every territory needs a watcher, stand in the gap for your territory.

Our nation, the body of Christ, and my family are a part of the territory I live in, so I pray for them.

I also include personal prayers in this section.

2. Bible study section

Under this section, I keep a record of lessons learned during the course of my word study.

The beautiful thing about keeping records is that you can always come back to it when live throws tantrums at you

3. Bible verse

In this section, I write down scriptures of the topic I will be studying.

This is what I do, If I want to study about God’s love, I simply visit my YouVersion bible app to search out scriptures that talks about the God’s love, I then make a list of them in this section

4. Note

Since your Bible study notebook is something you can take along with you everywhere you go, Obviously, your spirit goes everywhere with you as well, You pen down things the spirit tells you in your note so you won’t forget.

You can also write sermons preached in church on this space.

5. Date

This tab is on every section of my bible study notebook, it helps me know when, and the day in the month God spoke to me about something. It also allows you to meet up with tasks.

For example, if you allocated a specific date to complete a particular portion of the scripture, You tend to work towards this date, simply because you know you have an expiring day.

As I stated in my previous post, ‘How to study the Bible study for beginners’ word study should be done in a solitary place ( a place void of distraction).

Also, DIY bible study notebook is something every believer should have because it keeps you organized

Do not be disorganized, take time to make your own bible study notebook today and you will definitely enjoy the benefit that comes with being organized.

Not only will your life be patterned, but you will always have something to go back to when you are faced with life challenges

Bible study notebook templates

Finally, on how to create a bible study notebook, there are several ways to study the bible, you can choose to do a topical bible study, you can also do a book study, a verse study, and much more.

Whichever method you eventually settle with, you should take your time during bible study so as to get more from your word study, you can create a daily, monthly, and yearly plan.

Ensure you stick to the plan. remain blessed.

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