10 disciplines of a Godly woman

Many people have different views of what it means to be a godly woman. I will share with you 10 disciplines that God has called me to as a woman. This list is not in any particular order and they are all equally important.

One obvious truth about discipline is that it takes time, commitment, and consistency. without these three ingredients, discipline won’t take a strong hold on its participants.

Godly discipline is an act of faith. It’s a decision to walk the narrow path and not allow ourselves to be distracted by sin.

This is one way we can grow in Christlikeness, as well as become more like Jesus who was without sin.

What does it mean to be a godly woman? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are ten disciplines for a Godly woman that may help you on your way.

10 Disciplines of a Godly Woman

10 disciplines of a Godly woman

1. The Discipline of Prayer

 This is the first discipline of being a Godly woman. We must be in constant communication with our Heavenly Father and ask Him for guidance, forgiveness, strength, love, etc… Prayer is a channel through which we communicate with God, and he communicates with us similarly.

Prayer can take place at any time but we should make it a priority to pray every day. It’s best when you have a set time to pray such as morning or evening. I usually pray before work in the mornings, that way it’s on my mind all day long and I’m more inclined to make decisions based on God’s will for me. Fix a time, stick to that time daily, and talk to the Father.

2. The discipline of Bible reading

 This is one that I struggle with personally, but it’s an important part of being a Godly woman nonetheless. You can read your bible in many different ways; you could read by chapter or verse, topic, etc… and there are also various translations available for any level of reader

3. The discipline of Scripture Memorization

 I have never been good at memorizing scripture, but it’s something I’ve been working on lately, and have found that focusing on memorizing just one verse a week has made it a lot easier. You can use any translation you like, or if you want to start from scratch there are various Christian bible apps

4. The discipline of Meditation

Meditation is an important part of the life of a Godly woman. It’s not just about sitting in silence and emptying your mind but using the quiet time to focus on the Lord. It’s about stillness before the Lord, with your spirit and His communicating together as one.

4. The discipline of consistency:

*-Doing the right thing when you’re not feeling like doing it.

*-Making a habit of praying, reading your bible, and worshiping God every day without fail.  It’s important to be consistent with these habits because they establish themselves in our lives over time and can’t be broken or given up easily if done.

Consistency is in all facets of life, in marriage, in raising kids, and in our human relationships, consistency is something that can never be sidelined if we want results.

5. The Discipline of Looking Like Christ

The goal/aspiration of every Godly woman should be to look like Christ. God had an intention at creation, and it was to create an image that has His likeness. When the first man fell, the original intent was halted then Jesus was the substitute for that fallen man. He is a replica of the original intent of God at creation. Scripture says in Hebrews 12:2 “looking unto Jesus, the author, and the finisher of our faith” As we behold Christ we begin to change and look more like the original intent of God.

6. The Discipline of Vision

Every woman has a spectacle of dreams, and ambitions they have drafted for their individual lives. As a Godly woman, you need to see through God’s eyes so that you can know with accurate precision what he wants for you. it is on this basis that you begin to draft out strategies, and goals to birth these visions.

7. The Discipline of Generosity

One of the disciplines of a Godly woman is generosity. God is glorified when we give to His kingdom. The Bible says that the liberal soul shall be made fat, and whoever waters will also have their thirst quenched. Giving should be a habit of a Godly woman.

Your smile can liberate someone, your shoulders can be a source of healing to someone as well as your listening ears. The truth is nothing is too small to give, you can never tell how far it will help liberate the person you are giving it to.

8. The discipline of Patience

As a woman who desires to grow in her faith, you need to cultivate patience. Patience is a fruit of the spirit and it’s important because it teaches you to trust God, one thing that we all need help in. Patience helps us better handle difficult circumstances as well as wait for our inheritance with meekness and hope.

9. The discipline of submission

submission is the best way for you to honor God. When we submit, it means that we are giving up power and authority over ourselves. It’s important because when we yield our lives to Him, He becomes all-powerful in us as well as through us which then causes righteousness and peace. A woman who submits to Christ finds it very easy to submit to her husband and everyone around her.

10. The discipline of Friendship/Community

One of the most important parts of being a Godly woman is having friends. There are a lot of distractions in our world today and it feels like we need to make more real-life connections.

It’s easy for us all these days with texting, commenting on social media posts, etc but nothing can replace the connection you feel when talking face-to-face!

Forming real-life relationships can be hard work and take commitment. They may also require humility and courage. But God did not create us to have relationships online only! He created us for face-to-face connections and community that spurs us unto good works since we live in a fallen world, it’s difficult but through Christ, anything is possible so don’t give up on people when things get tough because the Lord wants you there with them

Friendship offers us protection – not just against loneliness but also emotional vulnerability that comes with being isolated from our tribe of fellow believers.”


Finally, the Bible is a book that contains wisdom and guidance for all of life’s situations. It provides us with timeless principles on how to live as Godly women, which is why I am grateful for the opportunity to share 10 disciplines of a godly woman with you today. Whether you are looking for inspiration or instruction in your walk with Christ, these biblical truths will help guide you through some of the more challenging areas of living out this calling. In what ways have you been able to apply these Biblical principles? Let me know!

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