15 Signs God is speaking to you

It is essential that you can detect the sign and understand that God is speaking to you right now. The actual voice of God is fighting with the various signs that circumstances, imaginations, and the voice of the body present. As a result, you must know the signals God uses to communicate with you.

While God speaks, other voices can also be heard. This might be the voice of the enemy, another person, or even our thoughts. But I’m not shocked, says 2 Corinthians 11:14 NLT. Even the devil poses as a benevolent angel.

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God does, however, speak alongside other voices. This might be our thoughts, other people’s voices, or even the adversary’s voice. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14 NLT However, I’m not shocked! Even the devil dresses up as an angel of light.

Satan is sly, and he may assume any guise to deceive us. It can be challenging to tell the difference between the voice of the devil and the voice of God, and considering the wrong one could have disastrous effects. It may result in expensive mistakes that may change the direction of your life.

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Many people were given signs in the Bible; some asked from the Lord, and somewhere encouraged by God. A well-known biblical tale about asking for signs is Gideon’s story.

Gideon replied, “If now I have won favor in your sight, give me a sign that it is indeed you talking to me,” according to Judges 6:17. He continued to ask for signs even after learning he was speaking to an angel of the Lord.

He asked that the floor be left dry and the wool on the threshing foundation be dampened with dew. God then fulfilled his request for the wool to be dried and the floor to be made dry.

We are all part of God’s plan. He uses many different methods to communicate with us since He knows our strengths and Weaknesses. Even if a person does not read the Bible, God talks to them through it. Others hear Him while they calmly contemplate His Word or pray.

He communicates with us in many ways; each person hears God uniquely speak to them. It’s comforting because it shows that He cares about and loves us when He communicates with us in whatever form.

Below are the top 15 ways God speaks to us


While studying the scripture, God is already speaking to you. The Bible is more than a book of advice, and It is more than letters, it is the voice of the Lord speaking to you.

Whenever you read the Bible, you listen to His teachings on how to live your life in a way that will allow you to benefit from his gifts.

Joshua 1:8 states, “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your lips, but you shall think upon it day and night, to do after all that is written therein. Because after that, your path will be prosperous, and you will succeed well.


Instead of speaking to us directly, God occasionally uses individuals around us to confirm his words.

Most preachers who started their churches or ministries would tell you how God revealed to them and their pastor that He wanted them to quit the church they were currently attending and create their own.

In this way, uncertainty is avoided, and God is not an author of confusion because he has the authority to use multiple sources to comfort and support his message.

Having a group of fellow Christians to lean on when our faith wanes is wonderful for Christians.

I Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore, as you are also doing, console and edify one another.


You must never undervalue the value of prayer since it is both a master key and the enemy’s kryptonite. God inspires us to pray as one of his strategies for defending us from looming danger.

Do not dismiss this sign from God, no matter how exhausted you are. Ask for protection against temptation and keep an eye out. Even while the spirit is willing, the body is weak. NKJV Matthew 26:41


God uses situations to reveal things to you. Your circumstances may also be a medium for God to speak. Keep in mind that God is in charge. He is capable of directing events in your vicinity to serve His goals.

You should know how God allows things to happen if you’re waiting for His approval or disapproval. It can be a “no” if things don’t work out as planned.

#5. A Bible Verse Repeats Itself in Your Heart Constantly

You may tell when God is speaking to you when a bible verse you’ve read begins to appear frequently in your heart. Suddenly, it’s about you instead of David, Goliath, Paul, or Silas.

That bible verse contains all the answers to your queries. Even though you may have read that passage hundreds of times before, you have a closer connection to it because God gives you a fresh perspective. You can recognize it as a sign that God is speaking to you when it occurs.


It might be a prompt from God telling you to start witnessing and sharing the gospel, a prompt to travel to a particular place, or a prompt to make a phone call. You are to follow God’s guidance in doing that.

Like when he spoke to Elijah, God can communicate with us through a silent, small voice. You suddenly feel driven to act strongly.

Sometimes, for no reason, you need to have a solid need to act that you can’t resist no matter how hard you try.


God is trying to get your attention when you have a clear dream or vision. God communicates with us in various ways, including via dreams and visions.

There isn’t much need for interpretation when a dream is so specific and clear. When God verifies something you’ve been considering and seeking His guidance in prayer, you can be sure He is speaking to you.

Do not overlook these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.


The Holy Spirit is always present if you are a born-again, baptized follower of Jesus Christ. You would always have this strong nudge in your heart that God is speaking to you.

However, the Holy Spirit, the Counselor whom the Father will send in my name, will instruct you in all ways and serve as a reminder of what I have said.

If you always listen and pay attention to him, He will direct you to the right path.


When what you hear from God moves you closer to repentance, that is when you will know that God is speaking to you. God wants all of us to go to heaven and does not want to see any of his little lambs wander off.

Like the prodigal son tale, he is always present and waiting to receive us back anytime we return to him.

Revelation 3:20 NKJV says in the Bible that God is eternally trustworthy and merciful. Look! I’m at the door, knocking. I will enter anyone who hears My voice and unlocks the door, and we shall have dinner together.


Similar to the biblical text, you can tell when God is speaking to you through the words of a pastor or other minister.

The sermon begins to make you feel alone in the congregation, and what the preacher says quickly touches your soul.

It could contain a call for repentance or an inspirational message. God may speak with you through preaching and sermons. It’s essential to keep your heart open and resist distractions when you’re in God’s presence.

Additionally, we must spend time in the company of other believers growing in his presence.

Hebrews 10:25 (NLT) And let us encourage one another instead of neglecting our gatherings as some people do, especially now that the day has arrived.

You can watch or listen to sermons on the radio or read books and articles about the faith that God has written. As long as your heart and spirit are open to receiving, you will get from him.


Another indication that God speaks to you is when your hearing pushes you to spread the gospel.

We are to preach the gospel to everyone following God’s Great Commission. Therefore, if what you hear from God helps you win more souls for him, it is most likely from God.


Are you sick of running into the same issue repeatedly? Have you ever sensed that God is instructing you through a recurring circumstance?

It might be true, though. Sometimes God enables you to experience the same thing to teach you a lesson repeatedly. You’ve likely been making the same errors and haven’t adjusted how you react in comparable circumstances.

If it happens again, pay closer attention to God’s guidance. Ask Him for advice on how to handle such reoccurring issues better.


There are Christians who, despite what some may think, claim that the Lord has given them prophetic visions. It could manifest as vivid dreams while you’re asleep or unexpected ideas while you’re awake.

Not everyone has this gift. Furthermore, one must exercise caution when interpreting visions that claim to be from God. You need to pray more if you believe you possess this gift.

To determine whether what you have experienced is genuinely from the Lord or merely common dreams and hallucinations, it is equally crucial to follow the direction of God’s Word. Be more discerning because God’s prophecies never conflict with the Bible.


The church serves as the body of Christ (as He is the head). As a result, you shouldn’t take the fellowship with other believers for granted. Being among mature Christians will aid you in developing spiritually. Avoid sin or errors; it can also help you be more astute about God’s will for your life.

Having accountability partners in the church is essential for this reason. They could be your small group brethren or sisters, ministry partners, or spiritual mentors. You can speak with them about any issues or questions you may have. Then, while they pray alongside you, you do not understand how God provides them the insight to advise you on your predicament.


Someone may have claimed that God spoke to them in their testimonies. Do you think God can communicate with you verbally? Don’t worry; you haven’t missed anything if you’re wondering if this has occurred and you’ve forgotten it. I assure you that if He does, you would have to be spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind to miss Him.


Now that you know the indications God uses to communicate with His people. And you are aware of some ways in which you, rather than He, may be the one neglecting.

Recognizing the signs that God is speaking to you is not sufficient. You must follow them as well. As a result, I pray that God gives you the ability to hear his voice and that he helps you to follow his instructions. Amen


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