5 lessons from Ruth in the bible

In today’s  Post, we will be taking a look at the book of Ruth from the old testament. Who was Ruth in the bible? What lessons can we learn from her? Who was Naomi in the bible?
We will be answering all of this in these article.
But before we proceed, I will love to introduce some key characters in the story of Ruth

1. Boaz: He is the wealthy Isrealite and Kinsmen of Naomi, who later married Ruth. The union was blessed with Obed

2. Naomi: She is the mother-in-law of Ruth and Oprah.

3. Oprah- she is the second daughter-in-law to Naomi. She was married to one of Naomi’s sons
4. Ruth: She is the main character in these story. She is a mobile woman with no record of a family. She also is the great grand mother of King David and Jesus.

Ruth story in summary

Ruth in the bible was a moabitish woman who got married to an Isrealite who later died in Moab. After the death of her husband, Ruth refused to leave her mother-in-law, whom on the other hand wanted to live Moab for Bethlehem.
They both loved each other, and were there for each.
Ruth meets Boaz, the rich Isrealite and they were married after a few negotiations.

Ruth and Naomi – A story of selfless love

Here is how the story of Ruth and Naomi began.

Famine hits Bethlehem Judah, Elimelech, Naomi’s husband decides that relocating to Moab is the best option for them.
Elimelech and Naomi comes to a conclusion and the journey into Moab with their sons, Marlon and Chilion begins.

Few years down the line, Elimelech, Naomi’s husband dies.

Their two sons, Marlon and Chilion marries moabites women (Ruth and Oprah).

The marriage between both parties continued for 10 years, after which Mahlon and Chilion dies.

Naomi is left without her husband and two sons. Ruth and Oprah similarly had lost their husbands. Ruth 1:4,5

Naomi decides to return to Bethlehem

Ruth 1:6 Naomi decides its time to return to Bethlehem because all she has, has been taken from her.
It’s time to bid her daughters-in-law farewell.
This was going to be hurtful to the ladies as well as Naomi.

Naomi tells them about her plan, Ruth and Oprah insists on returning with her to Bethlehem.

After much persuasion from Naomi to the ladies, Oprah gives in. She is seen with her load, heading out of her once upon a time, most cherished apartment.

Ruth sticks to Naomi, declaring her allegiance to Naomi, as well as her God.
Ruth and Naomi returns to Bethlehem
Upon entering Bethlehem, both women were given a warm welcome by the citizens of Bethlehem.

Naomi refuses the warm welcome, with the claims that she left in full, and returns empty. So there was no need for celebration

The two women finds their way to Naomi’s once upon a time ‘beautiful home”.

How is she going to survive with Ruth, this were the thought that stormed Naomi’s mind, as she laid to sleep.

How will they be fed?

Fortunately for them, both parties returned during the time of harvest.
Ruth decides to go glean in the field.
This was how they can be sustained through the winter.

Ruth meets Boaz

Ruth chose a position on the field where she would pick up the left overs from the barley being gleaned.

On the other side is Boaz, who had sighted the pretty damsel and wonder who she was.
Ruth continued with the barleys  while Boaz tries to find out from the servants who Ruth was.

After the servant had filled him with the details of who she was.

Boaz orders the young men not to harass or steal from Ruth. He also made sure she took home more barley than the usual.

Boaz must have fallen for Ruth. Ruth 2:1-end

Naomi teaches Ruth how to get Boaz

Information concerning the chemistry between Boaz and Ruth had gotten to Naomi.

Ruth got home and narrated the whole ordeal to the already anticipating mother.

Naomi teaches Ruth some tactics on how to get Boaz.
Ruth listens, perfumes herself, and dresses in one of her comely attire.

She then heads to the threshing floor, to wait for Boaz who had just stepped in to eat.

Boaz meets Ruth on the threshing floor

Ruth 3:3 Boaz came down form dinner to lay on the threshing floor  so as to guard against thieves that might want to steal the harvested food.

He then meets the beautiful damsel he looked out for earlier on the field.

The damsel, Ruth then demands that Boaz covers her with a blanket since he was a close relative of her late husband.

Boaz succumbs, but then notifies Ruth of another kinsman that is close to her late husband than himself.

Ruth stays beside Boaz till morning after which she steals away at the early hours of the morning to her already excited Mother-in-law.

The two waits impatiently for what is about to unfold.

Ruth and Boaz marries

The outcome was great. Boaz marries Ruth. Obed was born.

What lessons do we learn from Ruth in the Bible


1. God’s plan is bigger than ours.

Taking a look at Naomi’s  family, the migration to Moab, the death of her husband, the marriage of one of her sons to Ruth, little will you know God had a very big plan for Ruth.

Ruth and Naomi had seen the ugliest part of life. Naomi decides she has to return to Bethlehem, Ruth insist on following her.

The turn of event for Naomi and Ruth wasn’t the plan they started out with, they never knew that their husbands will be dead, Ruth never knew that 10 years into the marriage, her beloved husband will be gone.

The journey into Bethlehem began, and Ruth meets Boaz.
Boom! She became the great grandmother of King David, as well as our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God’s plan outsmarts ours. Who would have thought that a moabitish woman would be in the lineage of Christ. The Journey of into Moab, out of Moab, the persistence of Ruth, and the yieldedness of Naomi, were all orchestrated, just so that Ruth can be in the lineage of Christ.

How comforting is that, to be in the lineage of Christ.

2. Don’t let your past hold you

Ruth had come from a city that was Isreal’s enemy.
That alone was a threat to her.

But, Ruth ignores the theories and ideologies of her history and moved on.
I don’t know how terrible your past had been, God won’t look at that
He will give you a fresh start.

3.Ruth was industrious.

Ruth from the bible had just gotten to a new place. Sorting for sustenance was a priority to her, hence, she made use of the opportunity available to be able to feed her family.

4. Be full of faith

No situation warrants that you lose hope. I know things might get really hard and bad, but faith is that conviction that pushes us forward.

Ruth had lost something that was virtually the most important in her life, which was her husband, her mother-in-law, which was the only comfort she has wanted to leave.

What could be more frustrating than that.
But, Ruth, unlike Oprah decided to be positive and full of faith.
She strongly believed that something good could still come out of the God of Naomi, hence she insisted on going with her.
Ruth had a choice to remain in Moab, but faith and positivity made her believe in the God that can do all things.

5. Character is very important

Only if Ruth in the bible had an idea that billions of people all over the world will read and be blessed by her story.

Ruth was an embodiment of Godly character, this she showed by the way she reverenced her mother-in-law.

6. God’s  best choice is not man’s best choice

Having a look at the way Christ was birthed, no ceremony, he didn’t even come as a king, he was born in a manger.
God became man, and he was born in a manger, do you know how that looks like, No wonder, the pharisee find it so hard to believe that God is come as Jesus of Nazareth in the flesh.

Let’s go back to Ruth’s story.

Ruth was poor, childless, frustrated, in poverty. But God still chose her to birth the grand father of King David.

Ruth wasn’t man’s best choice, but she was God’s  best to fit in that position.

God doesn’t sees the way we see. His ways are deeper and bigger. Trust him.

what other lessons did you learn from Ruth in the bible? I will love to hear your response in the comment.

I hope this post on Ruth in the bible has been of great help to you?




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