28 Best Hair Colors For Blue Eyes That Suit Every Skin Tone

Ever seen someone whose hair just looks off for some reason and you can’t put your finger on it? I’ll tell you what it is, It’s probably that their hair color doesn’t match their eyes or skin tone. Keep reading to discover our list of hair colors that make blue eyes pop.

There’s always something about people whose hair color doesn’t match their eyes. It’s almost always glaring like it’s screaming “somethings off!”

Your eyes, hair shade, and skin tone must complement each other for a complete look.

The eyes, which most of us see first on a face, are the window into a person’s soul. Many people fantasize about having that ideal first date, that moment when you walk into a stranger’s room and instantly fall in love. But just think of the moment lost because of the incorrect hair color! 

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How to choose the right colour for your hair 

Choosing a new hair color ranks as the most difficult beauty task of them all. Hair color lasts for months. You should not make this decision hastily, so there are many things to think about, including how it will look with your skin tone, the maintenance, and your base color.

Additionally, if you’re having a hard time choosing, considering the color of your eyes may also be helpful.  Similar to how specific hair colors mix well with various skin tones,  so do particular eye colors.

These are some things to consider when choosing your hair color:

1. Your Eyes 

The eyes are an interesting way to know the right colors for your hair. Picking a hair color that makes your eyes pop is a must-do.

2. Your Skin 

The skin tone is also an important aspect to consider when choosing the right hair color. Hair colors that don’t rebel against your skin but would make it appear even more beautiful should be your priority.

The undertones of the skin should also be considered. They can be warm, cool, or neutral. Choose a hair color that goes with your skin tone and eyes once the undertone has been determined.

To determine your undertone, a vein check is the simplest method. If the vein on your wrist looks blue, you have a calm undertone. If the veins look green, you have a warm undertone. You have a neutral undertone if they appear green at times and blue at other times.

3. Clothes 

Your hair color should complement your clothes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be the same color as your clothes, it means that it shouldn’t give off the impression that something is off when you step out.

For instance, having green hair on and wearing an orange and yellow outfit wouldn’t be very appalling to the people who are seeing you.

Compare this to someone with green hair who stepped out in a black tank top and jeans. I’m sure you can already imagine the difference in your head. We choose our clothes based on the colors we think look best on us. We should ensure that those colors complement our hair too.

4. Personal Style 

Our hair color can also be determined by our style. A more outspoken or extravagant individual may choose bright colors that make a statement.

This enables them to be noticed or make an impression in the minds of people around them. However, a more introverted person may stick to hair colors that aren’t shouty but calm to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Eyes 

Your eye color determines how many shades of hair color you can try out. Eye color and skin color would determine if you would use cool or warm colors. The depth of your eye color will also determine the intensity and tone of the hair color.

The secret is to choose a hair color that compliments your skin and eye color. The right hair would draw attention to your eyes first, then shift it to your face, improving your overall look.

The following steps should guide you when choosing the hair color that suits your eye color:

1. Determine the Color of Your Eyes:

Certain hair tones go well with different eye colors. For example, blue eye colors tend to go well with warm skin tones, whereas hazel or green eye colors might go well with colder tones. As said earlier, your eye color would determine the shades of hair color you can put on and may even affect the intensity and tone of the hair color

2. Observe the Undertones of Your Skin:

Find out whether the undertones of your skin are neutral, cool, or warm. Red, orange, and brown are examples of warm hair colors that work well with warm undertones (yellow, peachy, or golden). Cooler tones like ash brown, blondes and cool blacks may work better for undertones that are cool (pink or bluish).

For a person who has blue eyes with a cool skin tone, choose hair colors with the words ‘cool’ or ‘ash.’ Try base shades such as intense browns, blondes, and blacks. To add extra contrast, apply subtle highlights of honey, wheat, or ash shades.

Blue eyes sparkle like water reflections when surrounded by platinum to ash blonde hair. If you want a color that is three shades lighter than your natural color, you should have it done professionally.

A stunning fabulous contrast is black or dark chocolate brown hair, fair skin, and piercing blue eyes. This creates an amazing response.

For a person that has warm Skin with blue eyes, select hair colors that fit with colors like “honey,” “gold,” or “beige” for people with warm complexion tones.

Consider auburn, chestnut, golden blonde, or rich golden brown for your base tones. Add touches of crimson or cinnamon for depth and fascination.

Blue eyes look very good against fiery red hair. The appearance is vibrant, exotic, and enigmatic. Blue-eyed strawberry blondes always draw a lot of second glances. Pick copper brown or honey tones if you have fair skin and light brunette hair. The sapphire hue in your eyes can then be emphasized by adding light red accents or streaks. 

3. Evaluate Your Style:

Your sense of style and preferred looks are important factors. Think about whether you want a look that is more subtle and natural or one that is bright and striking. Some extroverts may prefer a bold and vibrant look as opposed to introverts who may prefer something calm and natural.

4. Examine Color Harmonies:

Apply the color wheel as a reference:

On the color wheel, contrary colors produce contrast and can improve your overall appearance. For instance, red or auburn hair can create a dramatic contrast if you have green eyes. It doesn’t hurt to explore. Try out many colors and see what works for you. Figure out which colors are big no’s and which are yays. Don’t forget to always use your mirror. Let’s avoid a fashion emergency.

5. Speak with Experts:

It’s always best to consult a professional if you feel like nothing works or you just can’t figure it out yourself. To suggest appropriate solutions, hair colorists are educated to examine skin tones and eye colors. Consult a specialist, particularly if you’re thinking about making a big change.

6. Try Out Some Transient Colors:

Try highlights or temporary hair color if you’re not sure. This lets you try things out without deciding to make a long-term adjustment. Use temporary dyes that you can wash off at any moment. This is also part of the practice and discovering what colors work for you.

7. Examine the Star-Powered Inspirations:

Everyone probably has a celebrity they admire so much. Sometimes we tend to think they’re perfect and forget they are human too. Well, guess what? They are and they have the same eye colors and hair colors as we do. To get ideas, look for influencers or celebrities who have similar eye colors. Their selections for hair color can serve as visual clues for what would suit you.

8. Embrace Your Gut Feelings:

In the end, follow your gut and select a color that exudes confidence and beauty and a colour you are most comfortable with and are convicted to wear. To wear the new appearance, you must be at ease with the decision you made.

Remember, the idea is to highlight your natural features while still expressing your unique personality. By taking these steps into account, you can safely select a hair color that not only matches your eyes but also fits your style and tastes. 

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What Hair Colours Make Blue Eyes Pop 

Blue eyes don’t need much help to be noticed. But as I’ve said, the right hair color can make your blue eyes appear more striking. Calm colors and colors that seem to make a statement will complement blue eyes. Some of these colors include pink, brown, black, and dark red to name a few.

28 Hair Colors For Blue Eyes 

The captivating charm of blue eyes draws attention and frequently becomes the main feature of a person’s appearance. The color of hair is a key factor in emphasizing this alluring trait.

The brilliance of blue eyes can be enhanced by choosing the correct hair color, much like an artist chooses complementary colors on a canvas. Here, we will explore the palette of options, revealing the hair colors that highlight blue eyes.

1. Deep Brunette

 Deep brunette colors, such as chocolate or espresso, look stunning with blue eyes. The richness of these tones adds to the eyes’ coolness. 

2. Amber Brown

When paired with cool skin and blue eyes, the brown looks natural and devoid of warm tones. All skin tones look incredible in this color.

3. Caramel Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Caramel highlights can bring warmth to brunettes’ eyes without taking away from their cold blue shade. It adds a soft, sun-kissed look.  

4. Deep Red Hair Color

Colors that are deep and dark, like wine or burgundy, may highlight the depth of blue eyes. The tone and intensity are amplified by the contrast as red and blue are on different ends of the colour wheel.

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5. Plum color

When used properly, plum or violet shades can bring out the cold undertones in blue eyes, giving a unique and bold effect.

6. Golden brown

One of the rare hair colors that suit everyone is golden brown. However, this warm-toned tint looks amazing on those with medium-to-dark complexion tones and blue eyes.

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7. Iridescent Hair Color

Like the color of your eyes, iridescent hair color is vivid and reflective! For this reason, we suggest the sparkling hairstyle.

8. Auburn

Auburn is a traditional, neutral tone that is still in the orange color family. Try this if you’re not ready to commit to a full head of vivid orange hair. It also compliments blue eyes.

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9. Rose Gold color for Blue eyes

This stunning combination of gold, blonde, and pink will truly make your eyes pop.

10. Black Hair Color

There’s this saying that black goes with everything. Well, they’re not wrong. Your black strands stand out like never before because of the ideal contrast created by your light eye color and your onyx locks!

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11. Bronze Hair Color

Blue eyes stand out with bronze hair. If you have olive skin, consider this a white bonus because bronze is your dream shade. The brunette tint with undertones of red, caramel, and gold draws attention to your eyes and highlights the warmth in your skin.

12. Magenta color

Magenta hair is the daring hair color you need to bring out the brilliance of your blue eyes, regardless of how fair or dark your complexion is.

13. Black Cherry

Black cherry from the name is a blend of black and cherry. It wants to look like purple but it isn’t. There’s this gorgeous blend it gives with blue eyes and what’s even better, it’s trending.

14. Ice Blue

Pastel blue is the perfect shade if you’re looking for a bold yet wearable shade for every day. It complements your eyes.

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15. Ginger Hair color for Blue eyes

On the color wheel, there is a huge contrast between blue and shades like ginger. So having blue eyes would compliment the ginger-coloured hair. This color is a must-try if you have fair skin.

16. Orange

Blue eyes and orange hair go so well together because orange and blue are opposite shades on the color wheel. Your hair and the shade of your eyes will stand out due to their striking contrast. They complement each other.

17. Golden Copper

This color is warm and is perfect if you have tan skin. For a more sun-kissed look with blue eyes, try this out.

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18. Cinnamon

Cinnamon Hair color blend for womwn with blue eyes

It’s easy to associate this fall-themed color trend with spices. This gorgeous combination of copper, chestnut, and blonde tones is perfect for blue-eyed beauties.

19. Honey Blonde hair color for women with Blue eyes

Blonde can never go wrong with blue eyes. This color is warm and has a unique blend of gold and brown stripes. It is perfect for warm people with warm undertones in their skin.

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20. Vibrant Red color for blue eyes

This will accentuate your eye color and make a big impression. Guess what? The brighter the red hair, the better.

21. Burnt Sienna

This is the perfect fit for your blue eyes and pale skin. It can be used by everyone but it’s the bomb for people with pale skin.

22. Mushroom Blonde

Looking for an ash-blonde shade to test? You can’t go wrong with a mushroom blonde. Ash hair shades like this one enhance fair skin tones and look even better with blue eyes.

23. Buttercream Blonde

Buttercream Blonde

This color suits people who have neutral undertones or people who are uncertain about their undertone. It is also stunning against blue eyes.

24. Platinum


The blonde hair shade is cool-toned. It gives a chilly look and is great for folks with porcelain skin. It compliments the blue eye color.

25. Chocolate Balayage

 Chocolate Balayage

Brown is sure to accentuate any blue eye color. Dark roots with light tips, this is certain to appear gorgeous.

26. Pastel Pink

 Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is absolutely gorgeous with fair skin and blue eyes. It is a subtle shade but it still makes a statement.

27. Classic Blue

Classic Blue

Your hair colour can also mirror your eye colour. It doesn’t have to be different to complement your eyes. This look gives you an unexpected eye-catching look.

28. Blue Black

Blue Black hair color for women with blue eyes

This is a subtle way to try to mirror your eye color. Remember your hair color doesn’t have to come from the opposite end of the colour spectrum.

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Finally, taking skin tone, eyes, and personal choice into account should be made a priority when selecting a hair color to highlight blue eyes. You can find your ideal match by experimenting with several studies and speaking with a professional to get a gorgeous and uniquely tailored appearance.

This guide acknowledges the uniqueness of blue eyes while empowering individuals to make educated decisions.


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