16 Retro Bohemian Home Décor Ideas for Modern Homes

Looking for some bohemian home decor ideas? Look no further, because in this article we would provide you with what a boho decor is, the key elements of a boho decor, and finally some bohemian home decor ideas for your inspiration.

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Bohemian style, also known as ‘boho chic’, is a unique and free-spirited aesthetic identified by its use of multiple layers of varying textures and patterns, bold colours, and natural motifs.

This style may be heavily influenced by cultures all around the world as well. In this article, we will walk through the bohemian style and explore 16 ways to incorporate this style into your home décor. Ready? Let’s go! 

The bohemian style is not your ideal perfect, matching décor all over, no color type of scenery. It is cozy, relaxed, comfortable, colorful, and warm. The bohemian style is eclectic! However, choosing the boho chic style for decorating your home does not mean that you have to go all in, there are subtle ways to style your space while still showing your expressive, artistic, and creative side with the right attention to detail and color combination. 

All bohemian interior décor inspiration photos have a common element, which is this warm, inviting, and cozy look. The bohemian style, either fashion or home décor can be tailored to your preference. That means that they can be styled to represent wildness and chaos, or serenity and calmness. The beauty of the bohemian style is that whatever route you choose to take would be perfect and aesthetically pleasing. 

Key elements of Bohemian interior décor

Before we dive into home décor style inspirations, there are a few key things to note about the bohemian style.

1. Colour

Although the bohemian style embraces a wide range of colors, it is more associated with certain colors. These colors include:

  1. Earthy tones: These colors embody nature and as such provide a cozy, grounding, and warm atmosphere. These colors include terracotta, olive green, mustard yellow, brown, and beige.
  2. Jewel tones: These colors add a touch of opulence and nonconformity. Such colors are emerald green, sapphire blue, fuchsia pink, and ruby red.
  3. Neutral colors: Neutral colors like white, cream, and shades of grey provide balance and cohesion.
  4. Rich accents: Colours like purple, turquoise, orange, and other bold hues add some form of pop and personality to your space.

2. Natural materials and textures

These materials add warmth and character to your space. They include:

  1. Wooden materials: These materials include rough-hewn furniture – which can be used to make center tables, chairs, mirror frames, and dressers, reclaimed wood accents, and wooden beads add warmth and character.
  2. Rattan: A subtle touch of rattan in your space elevates the boho chic look and feel of your space, as well as gives it a pop of texture. They bring in a touch of organic texture and natural beauty. These could be wall hangings, hanging chairs, chairs, baskets, and lamps.
  3.  Stone and clay: Ceramic vases, sculptural pieces, and pottery add a sense of earthiness to your room.

3. Plants and Greenery

Indoor plants are a cornerstone of the boho chic style. These not only beautify your space, but they also purify the air and add a touch of life and vibrancy to any space. Plus you could always go right with plants in a room be it your home office, bedroom, or living room.

4. Textiles and Patterns

Wall hangings with rich texture and vibrant colors, multi-colored and multi-patterned throw pillows, bohemian rugs, and woven wall art create warmth, a sense of uniqueness, and a personal touch.

5. Global influences 

Moroccan rugs and poufs, Moroccan-style lanterns, Turkish rugs, African hand-made baskets and mats, and Indian tapestries. These add a classic bohemian and global touch to your space.

6. Antiques and vintage pieces

Vintage paintings, repurposed furniture, vintage chairs, vintage prints and photographs, and unique finds from flea markets, antique stores, and travels add a personal touch and storytelling element. They also add character, a sense of timelessness, and history to your space.

7. Lighting

The right tone of lighting is important in creating your boho chic room space. Opt for lamps with warm-toned bulbs, string lights, and candles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You could also use Moroccan Lanterns as these are intricately designed lanterns to add a touch of magic and cast beautiful shadows.

8. Wabi-Sabi

The bohemian style embraces imperfections and celebrates the beauty of natural materials and handcrafted items. It embraces the uniqueness of vintage pieces, the flaws in handcrafted objects, and the natural variations in organic materials.

9. Personal expression

The boho chic style is all about self-expression. Your bohemian space should reflect your personality and individual style.

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16 interesting bohemian home decor ideas

Now, let us see some specific pieces that you can use to set up your bohemian home. Are you excited too? Let us design your very own bohemian space together with this list of bohemian home decor ideas:

1. Macramé wall hangings

 Macramé wall hangings
Photo by  Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
 Macramé wall hangings
Photo by Home Wall Art décor & Home Interior Design on Pinterest

Macramé wall hangings are beautiful decorative pieces created by knotting cords in intricate patterns. They are made from macramé, a traditional textile art form using knots instead of weaving. They are crafted with natural fibres like cotton or jute, often in different thicknesses to create texture and visual interest.

Macramé wall hangings can range from simple geometric patterns to elaborate designs with intricate knotwork, tassels, and embellishments. Interestingly, they do not have to be store-bought, there are numerous DIY resources online that can help you create your very own macramé masterpiece.

2. Macramé table mats

These table mats would add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your dining area

3. Dreamy Drapes

Dreamy drapes in a boho space are more than just window coverings; they’re transformative elements that elevate the atmosphere and weave magic into the air.

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4. Colourful throw pillows

These add a pop to the colors of your space. They may also be a mix-and-match of multiple patterned pillows.

5. A dramatic hanging chair

A wooden or macramé design

A wooden or macramé design hanging chair would be ideal for a boho chic space. This is ideal for both maximalist and minimalist boho chic designs.

6. Wooden furniture

Wooden materials be it chairs, tables or window frames would make a statement in your boho chic space. They can also fit perfectly for your modern boho dreams.

7. Wooden beads

Wooden beads
Photo by Chloe on Pinterest

Wooden beads add a touch of natural charm to any space, especially bohemian ones. They can be used as tabletop décor, garlands and wall hangings, mobile sculptures, or staircase adornments.

8. Oversized wooden mirror

Oversized wooden mirror

You could never go wrong with an oversized mirror in your space, whether you are going for a minimalist or maximalist look, or even a modern bohemian look.

9. Raffia and Rattan baskets and wall arts

Raffia and Rattan baskets and wall arts
Raffia and Rattan baskets and wall arts
Photo by Home Loving on Pinterest

In a boho space, combining these natural materials creates a layered and textural look. Raffia adds lightness and softness with its delicate weaves, while rattan provides structure and durability. This contrast adds visual interest and embodies the bohemian love for both natural beauty and functional pieces.

10. Indoor Plants

Photo from heyhellohigh
Photo from Pinterest

Green plants in a bohemian space are not only aesthetically pleasing but super relaxing.

11. Multi-coloured and Multi-Patterned beddings

 Multi-coloured and Multi-Patterned beddings
Photo from Pinterest

The essence of the bohemian style is to embrace imperfections and not worry about mismatching patterns. Boho chic living appreciates the use of vibrant and bold colors. It appreciates and embraces several layers of textures and patterns.

12. Vintage Frames and antiques

Vintage Photos, frames, and items add a touch of timelessness to your bohemian space. Sometimes, in bohemian style, vintage is the new modern!

Photo from Pinterest

13. Bohemian rugs

Bohemian rugs are very beautiful and colourful rugs usually used in the boho chic style. If you want to go for a minimalistic look, you should use a natural base. That would allow you to play with colours.

Photo from Pinterest

14. Ceramic vases and pottery pieces

Hand-painted designs, textured surfaces, and unique glazes offer visual interest and a tactile experience, breaking up plain walls and adding a touch of personality. Unlike mass-produced pieces, handcrafted ceramics often have irregular shapes and organic lines, contributing to the relaxed and natural feel of boho décor. Whether in earthy tones like terracotta and ochre or bold jewel tones like emerald and sapphire, ceramic pieces introduce colour accents and inject pops of vibrancy into the space.

Photo by Bouclair on Pinterest

15. Pouffes and floor cushions

Bohemian home decor ideas
Pouffes and floor cushions
Photo from Pinterest

Pouffes and floor cushions add comfort, relaxation, color, texture, and a touch of bohemian flair to your boho space.

16. String lights and lamps

lamps as bohemian home decor ideas
Photo from Vừng décor on Pinterest

String lights and lamps are like the fairy dust of boho spaces, playing a crucial role in creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere. They evoke warmth and intimacy and add layers of light and shadow.

Adjusting the brightness on the string lights and lamps creates varying atmospheres of coziness, work, a romantic ambiance, or a lively scene. this is by far one of the most beautiful bohemian home decor ideas i recommend because of the kind of look and feel it gives your home.


The boho style is all about mixing and matching different styles, colors, and textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, colors, textures, plants, items, and everything else, until you figure out what you want, and create a space that just feels like you. Your boho chic space should reflect your authentic self. It can represent wildness and chaos or serenity and beauty. Anything that expresses you works! 

Bohemian home decor ideas embraces imperfections and celebrates the beauty of natural materials and handcrafted items. It embraces the uniqueness of vintage pieces, the flaws in handcrafted objects, and the natural variations in organic materials.

When a home is designed using colors that don’t reflect the lifestyle of the residents, the home is no longer considered a home. It is considered nothing more than a hotel taken on rent. Every color used in your home must reflect your lifestyle, culture, and tradition. Hence, it is wise to use neutral colours such as white, cream, and grey, to keep the home open to any further probabilities of change.

FAQs for Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

What defines the essence of bohemian home décor? 

Bohemian home décor celebrates life and vibrancy, connects you to nature right inside your home, and provides comfort, relaxation, and coziness. 

How can I incorporate bohemian elements into a more minimalistic space?

You can do this by adding bohemian rugs, woven baskets and wall art, and indoor plants, using a natural base to enable you to play around with as many colours as you wish.

Are there specific color palettes that work best for bohemian interiors?

While there are no strict colors for your boho chic home look, certain colors are more associated with the bohemian look than others. These colors include earthy tones, greenery, and vibrant colors like purple, emerald green, and sapphire blue.


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