25 Must-Have Modern Mid Century Furniture Pieces for Today’s Home

Organic shapes, soft curves, and clean lines are characteristics of mid-century modern furnishings. Although the name of this style comes from the mid-1900s, Mid-Century Modern furniture is still quite popular in modern home design because of its ageless appeal and exquisite simplicity.

What is considered mid century furniture?

Because mid-century modern design is so trendy right now, it’s become a catchphrase with many diverse meanings.

Furniture that is typically from 1945 to 1975 is referred to as mid-century modern furniture. This furniture is usually thought to be timeless and modern, with cool vibes and clean lines. Mid century furniture will fit in today’s homes because you can mix it with other eras, such as antiques, vintage, and Art Deco. It is so versatile, and with its classic shapes, it is great for the small spaces of a modern home.

Vintage furniture in a living room interior.
Vintage furniture in a living room interior.

What age is mid-century furniture?

Around 1945 to 1969, during the post-World War II era in the United States, the mid-century modern (MCM) design movement gained popularity in Europe and the United States in the fields of interior, product, graphic, architecture, and urban planning design.

Mid Century Furniture

Why do people like mid century furniture?

Mid-century modern design has experienced a resurgence in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. We can attribute this trend to media impact. By the mid-1980s, this style had all but disappeared, but Cara Greenberg’s book gave it its first surge in popularity. She also came up with a memorable term for the movement. The designs gained more traction.

Since then, several elements have come together to greatly contribute to the explosion of mid-century modernism. Mid-century designs can be found in the editorial pages of magazines like Wallpaper and Dwell.  Mid-century furniture became widely accessible thanks to new businesses like Design Within Reach. Naturally, there are now more options to bid on and resell antique furniture thanks to the internet. 

What materials are used in mid century furniture?

Materials used in mid century furniture mixing materials and aesthetics: Manmade materials (like vinyl, plastic, lucite, and fiberglass) and natural materials (like wood, glass, metal, and marble) are often used together in mid-century furniture design. 

You also see modern pieces staged with vintage statement pieces in mid-century modern design.

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25 best mid century furniture to shop

These are the 25 best mid century furniture pieces to shop for.

1. Etta Avenue Chaise Lounge

 Etta Avenue Chaise Lounge

All right, ladies and gentlemen, this is a silhouette. This elegant, velvet lounge chair almost makes me want to go down on my knees and surrender. It’s not even close to being chic.

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2. Okeysen Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs Set of 2

Okeysen Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs Set of 2

These cozy leather seats offer a cozy, welcoming appearance. They have the vibe of something you would find in your hippest aunt’s home, and isn’t that pretty much the real testament to a well-made mid-century modern item?

3. Latitude Run Connley Trestle Dining Table

Latitude Run Connley Trestle Dining Table

This table is worthy of your dinner parties and early-morning debriefs. The walnut wood has an exquisite finish, and the flared legs are so charming.

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4. mop TV Stand

mop TV Stand

Why can’t you see it right now? Your record player on top of this stand, playing Stevie Wonder tunes or whatever else you want? This media console is the ideal mounting base for your entire electronics setup.

5. Park Sofa

Park Sofa

Sending out a brief alert about the Cool Girl Couch. Look at that ratty leather, please. People spend years searching through secondhand stores for this kind of refined, weathered look. If you’d want to change things up, this piece is also available in velvet.

6. Lifestorey Tabaria Sideboard Midnight Blue

Lifestorey Tabaria Sideboard Midnight Blue

A great method to join this décor trend is to add some unusual colours to the mix (mustard yellow, burnt orange, you get the idea?). Therefore, a midnight blue sideboard will complete the atmosphere of your space.

7. Mid-Century Coffee Table

Mid-Century Coffee Table

To be honest, I am a little too infatuated with this coffee table and would do terrible things to obtain it. I’m a little lightheaded with all the coolness and originality of the tilted magazine and book display. This truly is the focal point.

8. Sleerway Orange Velvet Couch

Sleerway Orange Velvet Couch

I know you’ve already been drawn in by the color of this couch, but might I add something more? The material resists wrinkling. may you believe that even as adults, these small things may still astonish us?

9. MaxSmeo Nightstand

MaxSmeo Nightstand

It’s clear that this wooden side table is a winner. The rattan material has precisely the right texture for any space with a vintage feel.

10. Orren Ellis Chenice W Swivel Barrel Chair

 Orren Ellis Chenice W Swivel Barrel Chair

It spins in two words. This is the perfect amount of retro whimsy for a mid-century modern space. Your home’s cozy favorite will be this chair thanks to its cool, fuzzy fabric.

11. Bme Alden Solid Wood End Table

Bme Alden Solid Wood End Table

For your mid-century modern vision, some chic natural wood is ideal. The fact that this particular purchase arrives fully is a huge plus! Put Together! Don’t worry about a confusing instruction manual.

12. East Urban Home Esmond TV Stand

East Urban Home Esmond TV Stand

Put yourself in this condition. Adore this shade of blue. Get into those legs, hell. The media console from East Urban Home is not something to fiddle with. Additionally, at 55 inches, it will make a roomy statement in your living area.

13. George Oliver Velvet Square Arm Sofa

George Oliver Velvet Square Arm Sofa

A reasonably priced couch available in *16* various colours of velvet might be right up your alley. If your language is obtaining cute staples without breaking the bank.

14. Saturn Storage Ottomans

 Saturn Storage Ottomans

We adore a seat that serves several purposes. Fill these useful storage ottomans with your miscellaneous debris, remote controllers, and throw blankets. It also doesn’t hurt to gaze at their chic upholstery.

15. JoyBird Elsie Bench

 JoyBird Elsie Bench

Variations in style across the space are consistent with the mid-century modern design. As a result, this accent bench has precisely the impact you’re searching for, especially considering that it comes in a whopping eighteen (!) tones and a variety of textures.

16. Ivy Bronx Sioar End Table

Ivy Bronx Sioar End Table

Hell yeah. Do we observe this? The ultimate table of all tables? Indeed, this reasonable price is *true* and verified. If orange doesn’t appeal to you, the red variant is as stunning. We adore visually striking things.

17. Italian Two-Toned Glass Partition By Tonelli Design

17. Italian Two-Toned Glass Partition By Tonelli Design

It’s not only Beyoncé who requires divisions. This room divider is a terrific technique to make the most of the space in a room and has such a nostalgic vibe to it. Whether you’re decorating a four-bedroom house or a studio apartment, there should always be an opportunity for space optimization.

18. Crofy 3 Tier Gold Bookshelf

Not only is a foldable bookshelf practical, but it is also adorable. Considering that those two things ought to be your top two priorities, we advise you to look into this.

19. Bay Isle Home Shilvodan 2-Door Accent Cabine

Every time a slanted silhouette appears in furniture, there’s something about it that successfully conveys “chic ’60s vibes.” One useful example is the top of this cabinet by Bay Isle Home.

20. Ebern Designs Darcey End Table

Ebern Designs Darcey End Table

Your mid-century-inspired space needs some objects that look like they were taken straight out of an antique store. For this reason, a vintage end table is ideal.

21. Mr. Kate Luna Tall Accent Cabinet

 Mr. Kate Luna Tall Accent Cabinet

Undoubtedly, frosted glass is a terribly underappreciated style. Just take a peek at this cabinet. That isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen, is it? The effect of fluted glass, folks. It exists.

22. Quinn Side Table

Quinn Side Table

Your plants, books, and candles will look great on this rounded, artistic table. Put it on the list if you’re looking for unique purchases.

23. Kate and Laurel Floating Wall Shel

Kate and Laurel Floating Wall Shel

She’s not your typical shelf form, so she’ll successfully bring some dimension and excitement to any space she’s in. Unquestionably, the floating illusion is also sick.

24. Latitude Run Nadwa Bed

Latitude Run Nadwa Bed

This platform bed is the ideal way to incorporate this style into your bedroom without drawing attention to it. Though definitely not your typical frame, it’s not overly corny either.

25. Labadi Natural Wood Stool

Labadi Natural Wood Stool

This chair is made of recycled wood from Ghana and is an aesthetically pleasing piece with an interesting backstory. That’s quite the conversation starter.


What characterizes the design principles of Mid century furniture?

Furniture from the mid-century style is immediately recognized by its smooth, curving angles that contrast with its clean, straight lines. The goal of the designers was to do away with the ornate upholstery and excessive decoration of the models that came before them. These efforts have produced a look that is characterized by vivid colors, clean lines, and contemporary materials.

Where can I find authentic Mid century pieces, and how do I distinguish them from reproductions?

Searching for well-made and classic-looking mid-century furniture is crucial when purchasing high-quality pieces.
High-quality materials, such as solid wood or strong metal, will endure longer and be more robust, so look for pieces made of these materials.
Additionally, search for furniture with traditional mid-century features like softly curved edges and tapered legs.
And lastly, focus on the piece’s specifics. High-quality furniture needs to have a smooth finish and clear lines.
A genuine mid-century modern work can also be recognized by its maker’s marks, labels, or signatures. A maker’s mark can be found on a lot of mid-century modern furniture.

How can I mix Mid century furniture with other design styles in my home?

Introduce MCM furniture in light wood tones alongside coastal colors like soothing blues and whites to blend Mid-Century Modern and coastal characteristics. Incorporate natural textures like rattan or seagrass to complete the coastal-MCM fusion, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of coastal living.


Mid-century contemporary furniture is defined as having been manufactured between 1945 and 1975. This furniture is typically seen as timeless and modern, with cool feelings and clean lines. Mid-century furniture will work in today’s homes since it may be combined with items from other eras such as antiques, vintage, and Art Deco. It is quite adaptable, and its classic designs make it ideal for the limited spaces of a modern home.


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