Top 20 Cheap Patio Paver Ideas For Your Home. 

If you’ve seen some of the patio pavers on social media, I’m sure you do not doubt that a patio paver will beautify your home immensely.

But if you are reluctant to get a patio paver because of its cost,

Then your reasons are no longer valid.

In this article, I’ll show you 20 attractive and cheap patio paver ideas you can use to build your patio paver.

But before I proceed to show you the patio paver ideas, Here are some of its benefits you might want to know before you build yours.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Patio Paver?

While there are several benefits of having a cheap patio paver,

Here are some of the few important ones that I know:

DRAINAGE: Most pavers have spaces in between them… and it prevents the formation of puddles on your patio.

If you live in an area with high rainfall, you should be planning to use one of these cheap patio paver ideas in your home.


Like I said earlier… If you’ve seen some of the beautiful patio pavers on social media, you already know they can beautify your home.

And even though these ideas are for those who want to build an affordable patio paver, they are no doubt as beautiful as the ones on social media.

Increased property valuation:

If you’re planning to sell your house or one of your properties, then building a patio paver might be a good idea.

Because it increases the perceived value of your house when your buyers see it which means you can get a better bargain for the house.

Outdoor living space:

You might be one of the people who derive delight from outdoor activities like…

Relaxing, enjoying fresh air, entertaining guests, barbecuing, etc.

If you are, using one of these cheap patio paver ideas to build your own patio paver will make you wonder why you haven’t done it before.

Having said that… Here’s another factor to consider when building an affordable patio paver.

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What Are The Cheapest Materials For A Patio Paver?

When it comes to building a budget-friendly patio paver…

Selecting the right material is not the most important process.

And to guide you towards choosing the right cost-effective patio paver material…

Here are the cheapest patio paver materials:


GRAVEL -Cheap Patio Paver Ideas

Gravel is an important material when it comes to building any type of patio paver.

In fact, we’ll be using it in most of the cheap patio paver ideas that are listed in this article.

And that’s because of its affordability, easy installation, minimal maintenance, etc.

On average, it costs anything between $6 to $10 per square foot and you can even use it yourself to build an affordable patio paver.


This should be your go-to choice of material if you’re eco-friendly.

Because of its positive benefits to the environment and mostly because of the extreme affordability.

This patio paver material can be gotten completely free of charge.

And considering the various creative designs you can do with this material even without any previous experience, this is a very good bargain.


Concrete is another cheap material that you can use to create attractive patio pavers for your home.

And it’s not only an affordable choice for a patio paver, it is also…

Durable, versatile, and flexible in terms of patterns.

Plus… you don’t need to be an expert to be able to use concrete to build a cheap patio paver.

Per square foot of concrete material is anywhere between $6 and $10.


Brick material is often the 1st choice for people who want to build cheap patio pavers with complex patterns.

And while brick can give you durability, and classic aesthetics, or used as edges and borders…

It requires some level of experience with building patio pavers and it costs $6 – $10 per square foot.


Although stepping stones require more careful planning and placement, you can use them to build your affordable patio paver even if you’re a beginner.

And if you want your patio paver to give you a natural and rustic feel without breaking the bank…

Stepping stones is your go-to choice.

It costs $2 – $10 per stone.

While these are not all the cheap materials you can use to build a budget-friendly patio paver…

The majority of the cheap patio paver ideas in this article are made with these listed materials.

This means you can also experiment with other materials that suit your taste.

This also means you can switch the patterns up to get a different taste with the same material used in the cost-effective patio paver ideas.

What Are The Patterns You Can Use?

One of the major benefits I talked about above is the beauty a patio paver gives to your home.

But what really determines how cool a patio paver looks is the pattern used on the patio paver.

Fortunately, most patterns Don’t require you to spend extra money because all you need is the skill to design any of the patterns listed below.



The herringbone pattern is a classic elegant pattern that looks complicated but it’s actually easy to lay.

To do the herringbone pattern, you simply lay the pavers at a 45-degree angle to create a zig-zag effect.

It usually gets attention and adds depth to your patio paver.


While this pattern is simple, it gives your patio a neat and timeless look.

And it’s quite easy to lay too.

To do it, you lay the pavers in alternative rows to make it resemble a brick wall.


This pattern might appeal to you more if you’re a minimalist.

Because it creates a modern minimalist look.

And although it’s simple, it has an enormous effect on patio pavers.

How to do this pattern: Simply lay the pavers I’m straight rows; and put one on top of the other.



This pattern, although simple, is eye-catching.

And there are many variations of it… However, whichever one you choose to do is what determines the complexity.

Simply put, the higher the aesthetic, the more complex it is to design.


This pattern is an effective way to create a dynamic look on your patio paver.

It can also elongate the look of your patio paver, if that’s what you want.

To create this pattern on your patio,

Simply lay your pavers diagonally instead of laying them in straight rows.

When choosing a pattern for your patio paver…

Consider these factors:

  • Size and shape of the patio 
  • The desired result of the patio 
  • Function of the patio
  • Budget 

Overall, the main purpose of switching up the patterns is to customize them to suit your taste and complement the landscape of your home…

So experiment and do just that.

20 Attractive And Cheap Patio Paver Ideas And How to Do Each:

1. Brick And Gravel Patio Paver With A Fire Pit: 

Brick And Gravel Patio Paver With A Fire Pit


  • Bricks
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Fire pit kit

This affordable patio paver idea is not only cheap but also easy to make.

All you need to do is:

Dig out the specified area for the patio and the fire pit.

After that, lay down a layer of gravel and sand.

Then lay the bricks in one of the patterns talked about above.

Lastly, build your fire pit according to the instructions on the fire pit kit.

2. Stepping Stone Walkway Surrounded With Plants: 


  •   Stepping stones
  •   Sand
  •   Plants

This is the second patio paver idea and it’s quite cheap compared to the first one.

And you can build it even if it’s just your first time building a patio paver.

Here’s how to do it:

Dig out the area for your walkway…

Then lay down your layer of sand.

Afterward, simply place the stepping stones in your desired pattern.

Finally, plant your plants around your stepping stones walkway.

3. Concrete Paver Patio with Edging Stones: 


  •   Concrete pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Edging stones

Here’s another attractive and cheap patio paver idea you can use to build your own patio paver for your home.

But this patio paver idea requires some experience because of its complexity.

That means you have to be more careful if this is your first time building a patio paver.

To do this patio paver idea:

Dig out the specified area for your patio.

Then, lay down a layer of gravel and sand… and lay the concrete pavers in any pattern you choose to use.

Now… add edging stones around the perimeter of the patio.

4. Flagstone Paver And A Water Feature: 


  •   Flagstone
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Water feature kit

You might have seen Flagstone patio pavers before but…

This one has a twist to it.

It has a water feature that makes it more attractive and eye-catching.

And to do this patio paver idea, you need some experience with patio pavers especially ones with twists like this.

Here’s a quick instruction on how to do it:

Dig out the specified area for your patio and water feature…

And lay down a layer of gravel and sand for it… then lay the flagstone in the pattern that suits your taste.

Lastly, install your water feature according to the instructions.

5. Wooden Patio With Pergola: 


  •   Wood pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Pergola kit

This wooden patio complements a befitting landscape perfectly and increases its aesthetics.

It will also shield you from the sun whenever you’re having outdoor activities on your patio.

Although it’s not easy to build, you’ll agree with me that it is worth the effort.

To do it, simply…

Dig out the specified area for the patio and the pergola…

And lay down a layer of gravel and sand.. then lay the wooden pavers in any pattern of your choice.

Lastly, assemble and install the pergola based on the given instructions.

6. Eco-friendly Brick Patio with a Mosaic Edge: 

[Image of Eco-friendly brick patio with a mosaic edge]


  •   Recycled bricks
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Mosaic tiles
  •   Mortar

Building eco-friendly patio pavers is surely a worthwhile goal.

But it doesn’t have to look ugly, this cheap patio paver idea is beautifying the environment while helping you save it too.

To build this patio paver:

Dig out the specified area for the patio… and lay down a layer of gravel and sand… then lay the recycled bricks in one of the patterns shown above… Lastly, create a mosaic edge using the mosaic tiles and mortar.

7. Natural Stone Paver With Curved Wall Seat: 


  •   Natural stone
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Concrete blocks

This cheap patio paver idea does not only beautify your home.

It also serves the functional purpose of providing a relaxing and fun place where you. can spend time with your family and friends outdoors.

To build this type of patio paver, you need some experience.

And you can build it by:

Digging out a specified area for the patio and the wall seat.

After that, you lay down a layer of gravel and sand… then proceed to lay the natural stone in the pattern you’ve chosen.

Finally, build your wall seat with the concrete blocks.

8. Gravel Path With Stepping Stones: 


  •   Gravel
  •   Stepping stones

This patio is not only easy to make but it’s also cost-effective if you want to build a cheap patio paver.

To build this patio paver, simply follow these steps:

Dig out the area for your patio… and lay down the layer of the gravel.

Then simply place the stepping stones in your pattern of choice..

9. Brick Paver Patio with a Built-in Grill: 



  •   Pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Grill kit

Here’s another functional patio paver that is not only budget-friendly but also saves you space.

If you don’t have enough space for your grill, this cheap patio paver idea is your best option.

And the good news is, you don’t need to be an expert to do it.

Here’s how:

Start by digging out the area for both the patio and the grill.

Then lay down a layer of gravel and sand.

Then choose one of the patterns above like, the running bond pattern, and lay the pavers accordingly.

After doing that, build your in-built grill according to the instructions.

10. Concrete Paver With A Lit Pathway: 


  •   Concrete pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Solar lights

This patio paver might be affordable but it sure looks classy.

The lighting system that lits up the pathway not only beautifies the patio but also makes being outdoors at night comfortable.

Here’s how to build your own:

Firstly, dig out the area for your pathway.

Then lay down a layer of gravel and sand… after that, lay the concrete pavers in whatever pattern you deem fit.

And finally, install your solar lights along the pathway.

11. Herringbone Pattern Paver With Edging Stones:


  •   Pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Edging stones 

A herringbone pattern patio gives your home a classic look and automatically intrigues your family and friends.

And while it may look complex to the eyes, the process is not complicated. 

Here’s how to build a herringbone pattern patio: 

Start by digging out the area for your patio… 

And lay down a layer of gravel and sand.

After that, begin to lay your pavers at the edge of the patio, working your way inwards following the herringbone pattern. 

Lastly, use the edging stones to create a clean border around the patio. 

12. Broken Tiles And Mosaic Patio:


  •   Broken tiles
  •   Mortar
  •   Sand
  •   Grout 

For this attractive and cheap patio paver, you don’t have to do much physically or financially… 

All you have to do is get your creative juice flowing and test out different techniques or just freestyle it to create a distinct patio paver. 

However, here is a quick overview of how to do it: 

Firstly, clean and sort the broken tiles by size and color. 

Secondly, lay out the tiles in whatever pattern the broken tile material is suitable for. 

Thirdly, Simply mix the mortar according to the package instructions and apply the mortar to the base of the patio, then carefully lay the tiles in place. 

Lastly, fill in the gaps between the tiles with grout. 

13. Pebble Patio With Edging Stone Border:


  •   Pebbles
  •   Sand
  •   Edging stones 

This cheap patio paver idea is perfect for you if you have a small space. 

Because of its simplistic layout, it’s not just affordable but also easy to build. 

This is the process: 

Dig out the specified area for the patio…

And lay down a layer of sand on it. Then, spread the pebbles on it evenly… and lastly, add your edging stones to create a border around the patio. 

14. Recycled Tire Tread Patio:


  •   Used tires
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Knife or saw

This idea is a result of peak creativity and that’s what makes it unique and beautiful. 

Plus… it’s recycled which means if you’re team-earth, this can be your go-to choice. 

It is also way cheaper than other materials because most times, you’ll get recycled materials for free. 

Here’s how to use them: 

The first step is to dig the area for the patio… Then cut the used tires into strips using a knife or saw. 

After that, lay down a layer of gravel and sand on it… And arrange the cut, tire tread strips in your desired pattern on the layer. 

15. Cork Tiles Paver Patio:


  •   Cork tiles
  •   Sand
  •   Edging stones (optional)

If your taste is something soft and comfortable, then this is the cheap patio paver idea you have been seeking. 

Not only that, cork tiles are also water-resistant and easy to maintain. 

If this is your choice, follow this procedure:

Dig out a specific area for your patio and lay down a layer of sand on it. 

Then, arrange the cork tiles in any pattern that resonates with you the most and use the edging stones to create a neat border around it to give it the finishing touches. 


16. Brick Shaped Concrete Patio:


  •   Concrete
  •   Stamped concrete mats
  •   Release powder
  •   Edging stones 

If you want the sophisticated aesthetics of brick without spending a lot of money…

Here’s how to achieve that, you build a concrete patio and stamp it with the desired pattern design before the concrete gets dry. 

Here is the HOW: 

Dig out the area for the patio… And then, lay down a base of gravel. 

Onward, pour the concrete on the layer and spread it evenly. Apply the release powder to the stamped concrete mats… 

And press the mate mats into the concrete to create the desired pattern. 

After that, remove the mats and allow the concrete to cure before you start using edging stones to create a border for it. 

17. Interlocking Paver With Plants: 


  •   Interlocking pavers
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Lumber
  •   Landscape fabric
  •   Potting soil
  •   Plants

No doubt some greenery in our environment gives it some sort of natural feel. 

And not only does this cheap patio paver idea do that, but it’s buts also a catchy and attention group. 

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should try this out. 

How to do the interlocking paver: 

Dig out the area for the nation and the planter box, and lay down a base of gravel. 

Then install the interlocking paver in whatever pattern you desire. 

After that, build the planter box using lumber and line the planter box with landscape fabric, and fill it with some potting soil. 

Lastly, plant your desired plant in the planter box. 

18. Used Plastic Bottle Patio:


  •   Plastic bottles
  •   Sand
  •   Gravel
  •   Knife or scissors 

This cheap patio paver is another eco-friendly patio that helps you save money. 

This patio is made with used plastic bottles and you can customise the pattern to make it more beautiful. 

If you want to build this eco-friendly patio: 

Collect and clean the amount of plastic bottles that will be sufficient for the patio and cut them into halves using a knife or scissors. 

Then, dig out the area for your patio and lay down a base of gravel. 

Finally, fill up the plastic bottles with sand and arrange them to form your desired pattern. 

19. Stencil Design Concrete Patio:


  •   Concrete
  •   Stencil
  •   Paint
  •   Edging stones

Here’s another cheap concrete patio paver idea that you can do. 

But this concrete patio is designed with stencil which helps to add a decorative look to your patio. 

Plus it’s easy to do, you just have to: 

Dig out the area for the patio and lay down a base of gravel. 

Pour the concrete on it and spread it evenly… Y

Then place the stencil on the concrete and paint the stencil using a painting brush. 

Lastly, remove the stencil and frame it with the edging stone. 

20. Wooden Chips Patio With A Fire Pit:


  • Wood chip
  • Sand
  • Grave
  • Fire pit kit 

This is the last but not the least cheap patio paver idea in today’s article. 

And it’s perfect for you if you enjoy being in a rustic and cosycozyironment. 

It also has a fire pit that you can use for multiple purposes. 

To build this wooden patio paver: 

Dig out an area for the patio and the fire pit and lay down the base of gravel.

Then spread your wooden chips equally over the gravel… And build the fire pit according to the instructions on the  package  Instructions:  


Now, you know you cannot only build an attractive patio paver cheaply, but you can also customize it to your taste and satisfaction. 

You’ve seen 20 cheap patio pavers you can pick inspiration from to create your own unique cheap patio paver from or even imitate. 

Best of luck with building your cheap patio paver. 


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