Jumbo Box Braids – 30 Trendy Ways to Style Today!

Jumbo Box braids are one of the most trendy hairs right now. It is specially designed for women who do not have much time on their hands and don’t want to sit for long hours braiding their hair.

black Jumbo box braids

This style is perfect for women of all ages. It is also very attractive. They stand out because of their thickness and the bold impression they leave regardless of the color and style. It is a good protective style that keeps your hair properly tucked so hair breakage doesn’t occur. 

What are Jumbo Box Braids?

Jumbo box braids

Jumbo Box braids are big braids that are cut into box sections and have knots in them. The roots are not smooth and free as with knotless braids. This style shows It is quite obvious that extensions are added to the hair and it is easy to differentiate between the hair and the extensions at the roots.

Because fewer parts are needed to create thicker and larger braids, they require very little maintenance and can last up to three months, which will save you both money and time. These braids look great and draw attention, whether accessorized with a dazzling hairpiece or any fashion color. 

What are Jumbo Knotless Braids?

Jumbo knotless braids

Unlike the Jumbo box braids, knotless braids are knot-free. It’s in their name. It starts with braiding the natural hair and as it progresses the extensions are added as the braiding continues. It is not easy to differentiate between the hair and the extensions at the roots. Because it creates a strain on the scalp, it reduces the risk of hair breakage. 

Jumbo Knotless Braids Vs Jumbo Box Braids 

The difference between both is that Jumbo Knotless braids start with the natural hair and progress with the hair extensions(fondly called attachments) while Jumbo Braids begin with the extensions. It is done by tightly knotting the extension into the hair. Also, knotless braids have this natural seamless look that box braids don’t. 

How Long Can Jumbo Box Braids Last? 

Jumbo box braids can last as long as 8 weeks or even 10 weeks for some persons. This is dependent on a few factors 

1. Preference:

Individual preferences play a big role in how long Jumbo box braids last. This is because of the different wash day routines and intervals each person has.

While some people would have their wash days 2 weekly, some may decide on 4 weekly and some 8 weekly. So if someone’s wash day is once every two weeks, their box braids would last on them for only two weeks. If it was someone whose wash day is once every month, the box braids would be on for one month, after which the person would take it down.

2. Type of Hair:

Jumbo box braids on 4C natural hair texture would last a little less than box braids on relaxed 4C hair. The reason behind this is that relaxed 4c hair is smoother and straighter because the chemical components of the relaxed have broken the disulfide bonds found in the cortex layer of the hair.

The relaxers work in the cortex and it is made up of coiled protein cables. So jumbo box braids that are braided on 4c hair are more likely to get rough faster than those braided on 4c relaxed hair.

As explained earlier this happens because the hair is coarse and curly so it doesn’t blend as easily as a relaxed hair would. And even when it does blend as it should during the braiding process when the hair starts growing( our hair grows even in protective styles) it starts to grow out of the extension.

3. Hair Stylist:

Your hairstylist is key to how long your jumbo box braids last. A good hairstylist will have to have a good grip on the hair while she’s braiding with extension. Unlike knotless braids that start with the natural hair, box braids start directly with the extensions so a firm grip on the hair is needed.

When this doesn’t happen, as time passes and the hair gets older, the grip of the extension and hair becomes weak and the extension may fall off. This is one of the major causes of hair breakage.

4. Hair Practice/ Routine: 

It is no surprise that someone whose hands are always in their braids scratching and rubbing would experience rougher jumbo box braids than someone who takes care of their hair even in braids by oiling, spraying with hair sheen, and moisturizing it.

This goes to show that individual practice is part of the factors that affect how long Jumbo box braids can be carried. 

How Much Hair Do I Need for Jumbo Box Braids? 

If your question is “Hi my hair is short, is it still possible to rock jumbo box braids?” Then my answer is yes!!

If what you also mean by this question is that you’re wondering the quantity of extensions you’d need to get, then hang on, we’ve got you too.

To style your jumbo box braids to look chic and classy, you might want to consider these things:

1) Your hair size:

If your hair size is full and long, you’re going to need a lot more extension than someone whose hair is thin and scanty.

I would love to tell you to use two extensions but I’m not seeing your hair so my best bet right now would be to refer you to your hairstylist. She or he has been doing this for years and they can tell just by looking at your hair how many extensions you’re going to need.

2) Your Style:

Your intended hairstyle should also be considered. Some styles use a lot of extensions for example long jumbo box braids would use a lot more extension than short jumbo box braids.

Always remember to check with your stylist before you purchase extensions for the style you want to braid so there are no excesses or you’re not short on extensions.

3) Your budget:

This is probably the most underrated reason. Your budget will determine both the style and the extension you purchase. So before you embark on any hair styling journey, always be clear about your budget.

Thankfully, there are a lot of pocket-friendly extensions in the market. 

How Much is Jumbo Box Braids? 

Different brands produce extensions that can be used to make jumbo box braids and each has its unique price. Some of the brands include Xpression, Darling, Lush, X-prestige and many more. The extensions fall in a price range of 2000- 3000 naira for the small pack and 3500-4000 naira for the big pack.

This means you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to look gorgeous with your box braids.

Now after you have purchased the extensions, it’s time to proceed to a hairstylist. Each stylist also has their unique charge for the services they would offer, but I think that it shouldn’t exceed 3000 naira or at least 4000 naira.

Jumbo box braids are usually easier to make and are less time-consuming so they are not as expensive as regular box braids and even knotless braids.

30 Styling Ideas for Jumbo Box Braids 

1. Ginger Side-parted medium Box braids :

ginger jumbo box braids

Remember when I said this style was sleek on any hair color? This style is even bolder because of the color. It blends well on people with brown skin as seen in the photo.

2. Short Blonde Box Braids: 

Short jumbo blonde box braids

Light-skinned queens can’t go wrong with blonde! It enhances fair skin and looks gorgeous with blue eyes or blue eye shadow.

3. Jumbo Box Braid with Curly Tips:

Jumbo box braid with curly tips

Curls accentuate the beauty of box braids. It gives this princess look when it’s packed into a bun. It’s also a really trendy style.

4. Jumbo Red velvet Box Braids with Pink threads:

Jumbo red velvet box braids with pink intertwined threads

I like to compare this style to red velvet cake. The baby pink threads give this cute look to the hair and the little gold accessories are like icing on the cake. This is a cute color for people tired of using brown and black to braid their hair.

5. Pink and Black Jumbo box braids:

Black with pink tips jumbo box braids

This blend gives off a lot of sass and feminine prowess. It’s a badass style for ladies. Want to change up your usual hairstyles and jazz up your braids? Try this hairstyle.

6. Fringe Braided Bangs:

Black fringe jumbo box  braids

Whoever said you can’t have fringe with braids was wrong. This style is gorgeous. The high bun allows the bangs to make a statement. Style your hair like this and you’ll be turning heads.

7. Jumbo Passion Braids: 

brown and gold passion jumbo box braids

This adds drama and curls to your braids so if you don’t like drama it’s best you avoid this style. If you don’t mind stealing the spotlight anytime you step out, then this is definitely a must-do!

8. Big Box Braids with Beads:

Black jumbo box raids with beads

This is a really simple style with about 10 -14 braids. The braids are low-maintenance. The parting in the center creates an elegant look.

The beads at the tips add some sort of depth enhancing the simplicity of the style.

9. Jumbo Box Braids with Rubbered tips :

Black short jumbo box braids with rubbere tips

If you ever need a quick-fix protective style that is beautiful and still trendy then this is your go-to hairstyle. 

The rubber at the tips helps to hold the braid in place. The best thing about this style is that it doesn’t have to be done by your stylist, it’s easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. It ensures your strands are well-protected while giving off this incredible look.

 10. Very Short Box Braids :

black very short jumbo box braids

Short braids have a way of always accentuating the fullness of a person’s face. The rosyness of their cheeks, the fullness of their lips, and their forehead, can be easily spotted on short braids. If you’re going for a sexy look where your face grabs all the attention, you should try this out.

11. Frail-ends Short Braids:

black short jumbo box braid with frail ends

I feel this style started as a mistake. But you know how trends start, it always starts with one person. It is a trendy style. Spice up your short braids with this style.

12. Short braids with Golden Accessory:

black short shoulder length box braid with gold accessories

If colourful threads aren’t your thing then maybe these gold accessories are. There’s something that screams royalty about these accessories. If you’re going for an Egyptian goddess look. Always try out these accessories.

13. Bob Jumbo Braids:

black bob jumbo box braids

Bobs are as pretty in braids as they are in wigs. The evenly cut and trimmed ends always give it a prim and proper classic look. Style this with some killer gowns and you’re good to go with or without some make up.

14. Jumbo Twist braids:

black jumbo twist braids

You don’t have to have just one look because Jumbo box braids are your favorite hairstyle. Spice up your hairstyles by adding twists. Twists are easier to make and sometimes give off this natural hair vibe. What’s even better is that it’s suitable for all skin types.

15. Spring Twist Braids: 

black and gold box braid spring twist

Do you want your braids to sparkle? These blended colors can electrify your braids. You should walk with an extra bounce in your steps when you have these braids packed in a high ponytail. It is gorgeous.

16. Passion Twist Double Bun Braids:

Black and brown jumbo passion twists box braids

Passion Twists is a good protective style with a boho feel.

Looking for a simple cute look? This passion twist with two little buns at the front is definitely for you. It is not just suitable for little girls but adults can also rock this look.

17. Jumbo Butterfly Box Braids: 

black butterfly jumbo box braids

Some say butterfly braids are the sisters to passion twists. It’s one of the most trending styles these days. It has a unique, creative, and fun look.

18. Brazilian wool Box Braids: 

Jumbo black box braids with brazilian wool

Attachments aren’t the only extensions that can be used when styling jumbo box braids. Use Brazilian wool if you’re going for a matte kind of dull look and you also intend to save some cash.

19. Bantu Knot End Box Braids:

purple and red velvet box braids with bantu knot tips

Spice up your look with this if you’re tired of having on short braids with straight tips. You can’t go wrong with this style.

20. Jumbo Curly braids:

black box braids with gold curled tips

Braids with sticking-out curls are a must-try. This hairstyle is quite popular these days and if you ask me it ticks the box for being extremely fabulous.

21. Razz blue and Pink Jumbo Braids:

Blue and pink jumbo box  braids

Instead of sticking with the same old black and brown hairstyles, try some vibrant hair extensions for a new, youthful look. Everywhere you go, these gigantic braids with a brick design and extensions in electric blue and cotton candy pink will turn you into the life of the party.

22. Gothic Jumbo Braids: 

Violet jumbo box braids

Go for some amazing dark gigantic box braids to show off your inner goth lady. You should go for a dark violet color to fit your emo demeanor. It is a beautiful yet understated hairstyle.

23. Jumbo White Box Braids:

Jumbo white box braids

This one is for fans of the snarky and edgy. This captivating jumbo box braid hairstyle can be achieved with all-white, frosty blonde, or gray extensions.

24. Jumbo Box Braids with Curls from the Roots: 

Jumbo box braids with curls from the roots

This jumbo braids style has a very bohemian vibe to it. Alright, perhaps it’s the way the curls are so beautiful or how untidy they feel.

25. Twisted-end box braids:

Twisted end jumbo box braids

The ends of your box braids become wavy when you pack them into a single, large braid and immerse it in hot water. This is a stylish way to complete box-braid hairstyles.

26. Big Braid Ponytail: 

big pony tail jumbo braid

We adore an old-fashioned ponytail, but to make it even better, opt for a braided ponytail with extra jumbo size for added length and volume. To help give a pop of color to your style, you can even weave in braided hair that is a different shade than the rest of your hair. Here’s how to do a sleek ponytail.

27. Spider Parted Jumbo Box Braids:

Spider parted box braids with 2 buns in the front

Simple partings with square and diamond layouts are one thing, but these stunning spider web partings elevate your look to an all new level. To showcase your unique look, add some brown accent braids and wear half of your hair up in space buns.

28. Jumbo Box Braid Bun:

Black jumbo box braids in a bun

Do you want to prevent your gigantic box braids from flying everywhere? Not an issue. Wear them tied up in a large top bun for lounging around the house or dress up for a wedding.

29. Blue Ombre Jumbo Box Braids:

blue jumbo ombre box braids

What’s so fantastic about having large box braids? The fact that you may still sport the newest hair color fads without even slightly harming your natural hair! For example, to look really hot, you may wear these blue ombre gigantic box braids half up.

30) Blue Jumbo Box Braids:

Blue jumbo box braids

You should choose hues for your braids that don’t draw attention to themselves if your style statement is discreet. As is, these enormous box braids in navy blue look elegant and stunning. However, when exposed to light, they spring to life and transform you into a perfect angel.


Discovering the world of Jumbo box braids introduces you to a world of elegant and diverse hairstyles. These enormous box braids provide a flexible canvas for individual creativity, whether you choose vibrant colors, sophisticated patterns, or timeless simplicity. These hairstyles suit a range of tastes, from protective styling to creating a fashion statement. Embrace the trend, try out various looks, and allow your jumbo box braids to become a distinctive representation of your individuality and sense of style.


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