6 powerful prayers for teenagers

I have got a whole lot of teenagers around me, probably because i am still a youth myself or because i kind of understand the thoughts that could be going through their innocent mind, i can boldly say that they are the most sensitive humans out there.

The teenage years is filled with so much growth, transformation, and potential. It can be quite interesting and as well detrimental in the sense that things might not go out as planned, which is why it is important to put your teenager in prayers.

As parents, you might sometimes have this anxiety and uncertainty of what your kids will turn out to become, embracing what Gods will is for your teenager is the surest way to get rid of your anxiety.

In this article, we will be centering on 6 powerful prayers for teenagers.

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Powerful prayers for teenagers


Whether you have a teenage son or daughter, praying for them on or before they reach their teenage years is one of the best gift you can offer them.

Here is a list of prayers for your teenagers

1. Pray for the love of God

This is one of the top on my list of prayers for teenagers.

We Pray for teenagers that they come into an understanding of the love of God. One beautiful thing about understanding Gods love is that it swallows up all the uncertainties and uphill that hits a teenager, The love of God is so real that it can be felt and expressed.

His love is so perfect that it helps cast out the fear of the unknown.

If you have ever met with someone who has a proper understanding of Gods love, there is this confidence that flows out of them, it is not pride or self esteem, It is what having a proper understanding of Gods love can do in a man.

Have you ever been in a situation where you found out someone of reputation loves you? How did that make you feel? Great! right? You move with confidence and so much joy whenever you are around that person.

This is exactly how it feels like when we understand the Love of God towards us. It is the Joy of the Lord that teenagers come to an understanding of his love because this will save them from unnecessary heart aches.

Dear Father, we pray for every teenager out there that might be struggling with the believe that you love them, we ask that veils be lifted and that they come into a direct encounter with the person of your love, and we ask that the confidence and boldness that these love brings be evidently seen in the lives of this teens, In Jesus name. Amen.

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2. Prayers for teenagers self esteem

This is a big issue with teenagers. Often, you will discover that a beautiful or handsome teenager does not even know that they are cute.

Additionally, some of them struggle with their self esteem, they feel that the brilliant dude in their class is better than them simply because they think he knows better, hence, they begin to feel less of themselves.

Some that are not in this situation are either battling with the voice of an abusive mother or father that has consistently told them that they are a failure. The others that dont fall into any of these categories are those whose esteem have been ruined by a friend who had told them that they are ugly.

Teenagers have a lot of stuff going through their head. You wouldn’t want to raise a kid that consistently feels so little about himself because of what his high school colleague told him.

One key factor for teenagers to defeat low self esteem is understanding that “they are the image of God“. To be an image of a thing is to be an exact replica of that thing. So, it wont be wrong to say that you are a replica of God. having an understanding of this alone quenches any subtle voice trying to negate this.

we pray for every teenager out there struggling with their self esteem, that they come into an understanding of what it means to be the image of God. In Jesus name. Amen.

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3. Pray for their choice of friends

Friends play important roles in our life. The direction a teenager will go is dependent on the kind of friends they keep.

Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 15:33

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

It is important to put your teenagers into prayers when it comes to their choice of friends.

Lets take a look at King David son; Ammon and his friend Jonadab in relation with what happened to Tamar.

The King son lusted after his sister Tamar; and he sought for a way to sleep with the innocent lady, his only saving grace would have been an advice from his friend; Jonadab.

But the reverse was the case, after Ammon had narrated the cravings he had for his sister to his Friend, Jonadab devised an ungodly plan that will birth the desires of Ammon to a reality.

You already know the rest of the story. His plan was executed, but Ammon’s life was cut short.

If Ammon had a friend that was Godly, he could have possibly talked Ammon out of the evil desires he nursed in his heart, they could have prayed together and also consulted the elders.

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You won’t always be with your teenagers, who they spend ample time with is quite important, which is why you should track their choice of friends down in prayers.

Dear Father, Thank you for the gift of my grand teenage Son; Harry, I pray that this young man find friends that will motivate him to do your will at all times, and Lord, if by any Chance, Harry is out with the bad guys, I ask that a discontentment stirs up in his heart for evil, and I pray that this should cause a separation from the bad guys, and finally, Lord, send a friend into Harry’s life that wil push him to do your will, in Jesus name. Amen.

4. Prayers for teenagers future

You need not to worry about the future of your kids, talk to the oldest man alive about it.

God knows the beginning and the end, he created your kids, he has the manual with which they should run with, worrying about what they will become in this degrading economy is enough stunt to having an unrest.

Let’s have a look at the fishes in the river, the birds in the air, they do not have to think about what to eat or feed, they just wake up and dive into the air, with the expectation of meeting food somewhere. Isn’t that great.

How much more a teenager recreated in his Image? Instead of having to crack the nuts with your head about what the future holds, why not leave the nuts in God’s hands, he is the greatest nut cracker.

Leaving the future of your teenager into God’s hands is one of the greatest prayer for teenagers you can ever make.

Dear father, here am I, at it again, worrying when I should be laying down my burdens, I ask dear Father that Winnifred’s future is preserved in you. I ask that she moves in your will for her and that she won’t be swayed by the wind, I commit her entire future into your hands Lord, and I say that your will is done in her life, in Jesus name. Amen

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5. Pray for self control

It’s no longer news that a typical teen knows a lot about sex and is proud to boast about how many girls he slept with. This, of course, could be as a result of the kind of content they see on social media these days.

The images of this content is stored up in the brain as you continually bump into them on daily basis.

Apart from this fact, the teenage years is when puberty sets in, hormones kick starts, and the sad part of this is that some of this teens do not have an idea on how to handle these changes either because they weren’t preinformed or for some other reasons.

Hence, we see and hear about teenage pregnancies, rape, and sexual perversion. Where is the place if your teenager in situations like this?

Apart from prayer, there is an aspect of talking we need to do with our teenagers, talk to them about the changes that is occurring or that will occur in their bodies, teach them how to respond to these changes. Tell them, that it is normal to be sexually attracted to the opposite gender and also teach them how to deal with this.

We pray for every teenagers across all spheres of life, that the sexual perversion that has come upon this age will not overshadow them, we also ask that they be strong willed and they should have self control over every sexual sins that may come across their way in Jesus name.Amen

6. Prayer for responsibility

Finally, on prayers for teenagers. It is quite important to be responsible for one self early in life.

This kind of attitude leaves youth with the mindset of not blaming others for something they did not do right.

t shapes the way they see life, it makes them see through life with a different lens, they wouldn’t want to get into trouble because they know that the blame is theirs.

Another thing about being responsible is that, you take care of other people’s properties with care and not with levity.

Dear Father, Thank you for allowing me see the beauty of my kids teenage years, I pray for the wisdom to teach them how to be responsible and I also ask that they will have the receptive mind to receive these teachings in Jesus name. amen

Finally, one thing we should know about praying for our teenagers is that while you think you are not seeing the effect of this prayers, the word of God will not return to him void.

Pray till you see results.

Have any prayers you will want me to include on my list of prayers for teenagers? Kindly use the comments.


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