10 Powerful prayers for your Son

If you have a son, I am very sure you love him so much and want the best for him. A way you show this is by spending endless hours correcting, instructing, guiding, and nurturing him.

However, sometimes we focus so much on using our energy to train this kid and lose touch with God, (Not as though we don’t involve God in our lives, we do!) however, I am not saying you should not be committed to seeing that your kids turn out well in life.

What I am saying is that we should involve God as a part and parcel of the whole nurturing process. So that at the end of the day, your whole energy won’t be a waste.

So, I guessed you will be needing some prayers for your son in your parenthood journey, I then decided to make a list of prayers that I know will be helpful to you.

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10 powerful prayers for son


You can write down some of these prayers in your prayer journal to have direct access to them.

Prayers for son’s protection

As parents, we often try our best to be on the lookout for where our children visit per time, we even go as far as knowing who their friends are, the kind of parents, and the upbringing they have.

But, the truth is we won’t be with our kids all of the time, they have to go to school, pay a visit to the grocery store, travel, they visit a friend they don’t even want you to know about because they know that you won’t approve of that relationship.

How then do we guarantee our kids’ protection, this is why we need God’s help. the fact is you aren’t the one protecting them when they are around you, God is.

So why not give God total control over these kids’ life? You can say this prayer of protection for your son.

Dear Father, I thank you for the gift of my baby boy, Gabriel. I know you have been the one protecting and guiding him, so this day, I choose to let go of my worries about his safety, I trust you solely on that. Thank you Father for answering my prayers. Amen

His choice of friends

Friends play an unspeakable role in our lives. They can determine how far you will go in life.

Having friends that will keep our sons fixated on their goals, friends that will correct them, when they are going wrong, and friends that will bring them closer to God is one of the best gifts we can ask for as a parent. Here is how to find a Godly friend

This makes the whole journey of parenthood easier, this is why we need to include the prayer for son’s choice of friends in our list of prayers for sons.

Dear Lord, I commit Godfrey into your hands, bring an Aaron that will be a great support system across his path, a Jonathan that will love him dearly, and an Andrew that will tell him and push him to know God more. Amen

Prayer for son’s self-esteem

Self-esteem is not a gender-based thing. Men struggle with their self-esteem too. There are a lot of men out there who feel less of themselves because of what a Mother, Father, Uncle, or Aunt continuously rang into their ears as a toddler.

Hence, at every opportunity to receive something good, they begin to have this feeling of unworthiness.

Life is harsh, that’s the truth. People are faced with different challenges every day, and somehow they could unknowingly pass out their anger on innocent kids using vulgar words.

This is why you must impact the knowledge of their identity in Christ to them.

Make them know that low self-esteem is placing themselves below God’s standard or perspective about them. Try this and you will be surprised at the wonders that will be wrought.

Thank you Jesus for making my son worthy of every good and perfect gift by your death, I ask that as I teach him about his identity, his mind is opened to listening, and his understanding is enlightened by your Eternal Spirit in Jesus’ name. I pray that he understands far better his reality than I would he should, in Jesus’ name. Amen

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Prayers for Son health

No one wants to have a sick child, if we had the choice of choosing kids, a lot of folks would go an extra mile to get a healthy child, but, unfortunately, we aren’t left with that choice.

Another way to see this is to pray against unforeseen circumstances, a healthy child can become unhealthy, and a lot happens.

Dear Father, I know that the thoughts you have for my son are not evil, but good to give him an unexpected end, I ask their God that his health be perfect, that his health is stable, and he shouldn’t have to struggle with fighting sicknesses that will keep him downtrodden, Peace, perfect peace, is all I ask for my son. Amen.

Birthday prayers for son

Birthdays are times when we felicitate with our loved ones, the joy of every parent is to see their children grow older and wiser. Here is a short birthday prayer for your son

Dear Father, I ask that as Daniel is plus one today, The grace to continue doing your will is bestowed upon him, I ask that he walks in your plan for him and he doesn’t derail, The power and the enablement to remain faithful to where you have called him is bestowed upon him. He becomes stronger and wiser in Jesus’ name. Amen

Prayers for wisdom

Apart from praying for your sons to be wise, it is also necessary to ask God for the wisdom to raise these kids the way he wants you to raise them.

Most times, we need God’s intervention to be able to handle some unruly behavior, without being too mean or too soft.

Wisdom is what you will need when your son hits adolescence and begins to question you about his masculinity, his skin color, life in general, and how to be a good brother, father, or dad.

Beyond the regular advice we dish out based on our experiences in the aforementioned entities, Wisdom is what you will need for you to be able to drive home an understandable point.

Dear father, I acknowledge you in all of my ways, here am I asking that you grant me the wisdom to be the kind of mother and father you have purposed for me to be to my son, Help me dear lord by your eternal wisdom to be able to profer the reasonable answers to the questions my son might be battling with, In Jesus name. Amen

Prayers for an unbelieving child

We see this every time, Children whose parents had taught the ways of God deviating from the standards later on in life, I was once on that path, but God saved me. If you have a son who has deviated from the ways of God or who is in doubt about God’s existence, you can say these short prayers for them believing in your heart that God has answered

Thank you father for the gift of my son, Luke, because right now I know that his paths are being ordered by you, I thank you because I know that he is responding to your open arms of salvation and healing, Thank you father for the wonders you are going to do through my son, I know that your Spirit has gone ahead to quicken him in your ways. Thank you father for reclaiming Luke, He is yours forever, Just as you gave him to me, I give him back to you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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A Prayer for son’s discernment

Discernment goes far beyond knowing when something bad is about to happen, one can be able to discern a season that has come upon their lives, It is also possible to be able to discern the move of God, similarly, it is possible to discern the market, a business, a relationship, and lots more.

Praying for your son’s discernment is one of the most beautiful prayers for son you should make. Things become easier for them when they can discern certain operations and workings around their lives.

Imagine, your son could discern that a season where he will experience an outflow of the miraculous is upon him, Isn’t that beautiful? I will leave you to respond to that.

I ask Lord that my son understands every season that happens in his life and that he can interpret these seasons and birth them to life. May there not be a time that he will miss out on your plan for him, help him discern relationships, business, and career path, and most importantly I ask that his mind should be continually fixed on you, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  1. Prayers for son’s purity

The feeling of wanting to belong is what has pushed a couple of kids into doing things they wouldn’t have done if they weren’t pressurized.

The need for your kids to be resilient and not bend to the systems of this world is one habit we should cultivate in them as parents. A lot of things that could hamper your son’s purity is flying on social media, and all over the internet.

They see them on the street, and in their schools, and it is becoming almost impossible to raise a sexually pure child.

How do we handle this? I don’t know of any other way than putting down rules and measures to help curb/ manage their social life such as placing restrictions on what they should and shouldn’t watch and most importantly, placing them in God’s hands.

Scripture says in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Teach your kids what the appearance of evil is, and prayerfully see to it that they adhere.

Thank you Father for choosing me to be the mother to this prestigious boy, I ask Lord, that beyond the tides that will pressurize my son to do evil, he receives the resilient Spirit to say no to sin and to flee from every appearance of evil. Grant him the grace and the enable to remain pure in this degraded world, In Jesus’ name. Amen

Prayer for son’s relationship

Praying over your son’s relationship and marriage is one sure way to be a good parent, the relationship your kids get into goes a long way in shaping their lives.

Some folks have gotten their lives ruined because of the kind of relationship they built. Remember scripture says that “Evil communication corrupts good manners”

To buttress more on this, by having a look at “Amnon”, King David’s son and his friend “Jonadab” you will understand the role relationship has in people’s lives.

Sweet father, I commit my dear boy into your hands asking that you will guide him in both his marital relationships and the whole relationship scenario at large, Dear God, I ask that his steps in a choice of a life partner be ordered by you, help him make the best of choices in Jesus name. Amen

We certainly hope that these prayers for sons have been of great help to you? There are tons of prayers you can include on your list, I just made a list of the ones that are top of my priority.

You can prolly decide to use my list, or you can use the list above to construct yours. Have any recommendations or suggestions? Kindly hit the comment.


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