Learn how to pray to God with these simple tips

Praying can be a little bit difficult especially if you are just starting out, your mind begins to wander about, such that you will need to call yourself back to order once the wandering thought begins.

This isnt peculiar to newbies alone, it just kind of seems to be a little more tense in beginners. staying focus is one of the hard to do task while you want to connect with God through prayer.

I have had a countless number of scenarios where i was intentional about talking to God, but the stress of the day won’t let me, once i lay down on my bed to pray, i often don’t get to the middle of it before i doze off.

This is an example of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Matthew26:40) and sometimes, the reason why some folks dont pray is because they do not know what to discuss with God for an hour, they marvel at people who stay in prayers for hours

I have been there a lot of times too, and i use to wonder how people stay 3 to 4 hours praying without getting bored, How do they do that?

In this article, I will be showing you a few practical tips on how to pray to God.

Lets get started


1. Pray in the holyghost

One of the ways to have a healthy and consistent prayer life is to pray in the holyghost. You might be wondering what praying in the holyghost means, it’s simple. It means praying with your focus on the Holyspirit.

The Holyspirit is a life giving spirit and it’s beautiful how that we are one with this Spirit, and he lives inside of us.

The next time you want to pray, acknowledge that there is a divine spirit living on the inside of you, rely solely on his help and leading and you will be surprised at the result you will get at the end of the day.

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2. Speak in tongues

Tongue speaking is for edification and it is a means of communicating to God and him communicating with you as well.

However, i have seen a breed of Christians that believe it is not important or necessary to speak in tongues. while this appears to be true, i do not support the motion.

As a matter of fact, i feel that a believer that doesnt pray in tongue isn’t leveraging well on the advantages that are opened to those who speak.

Its simple, you got a gift and you refuse to use that gift because you are negligent of the importance of that gift, now, how does that makes God feel? great you think? i doubt.

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I dont know if this is peculiar to myself alone, but there is this energy, joy, and life i get whenever i speak in tongues or pray in tongues.

Your prayer sessions dont have to be long hours, you can just mutter in tongues for a few minute, you can do it at work, in your bathroom, anywhere.

Praying in tongues is one of the effective solutions you should incorporate if you are looking on how to pray to God for hours.

3. Meditation

I will be sincere with you, these days i find it so hard to meditate, but i still do, even though its not the usual long hours i was formerly accustomed to doing.

Meditation is looking into the conciousness of God. when you meditate on God’s word, there is this oneness you feel and have.

Your understanding begins to open up and you begin to see the mystery in God’s word. This surely has a long lasting effect on the participant.

Are you looking to meditate on God’s word? i have provided some practical tips on how to get started with that here.

4. Pray scriptures

Another tip on how to pray to God is to pray scriptures into your life. this is another key way to enjoy intimacy with God.

You can just pick a particular scripture, meditate on it, then begin to ask God questions. He will definitely answer.

Don’t be so scared to talk to your father, he longs to have this conversation with you.

5. Be disciplined about it

Motivation is not enough, you must be disciplined about building an effective relationship with God via prayers, create time, like i said earlier, it doesn’t have to be a serene environment.

You can mutter in tongues silently, you can shift your focus to God while you function at your daily activities. God is not far, he resided on the inside of every believer.

Its because our minds are clouded thats why we cant hear him about the tiniest of matters.

The father is ever willing to speak to us, it is our duty to be ever willing to hear him.

6. Pray with friends

Finally, on how to pray to God, praying with the brethren is another sure way to lighten the fire that is in you. Look for friends with similar passion as you.

The reason why you need Godly friends is so that when the time comes wheree you feel drained, not interested, just like Moses, there will be an Aaron behind you lifting your hands up.

Godly company are powerful, you shouldn’t underrate them.

Need Godly friends? Here is a quick guide.

Finally, we hope that this article on how to pray to God has been of great help to you? Have any recommendations, kindly use the comments.


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