5 ways to walk in the Spirit

What are the ways to walk in the spirit? This article will walk you through the entire process of the journey.

To get started, let us try to understand what it means to walk in the Spirit.

what does it mean to walk in the spirit?

First off, I will like to establish that a Believer’s walk with God is by faith. It is by Faith we receive the Life of God in us, It is the same faith that has made us rely on the Spirit’s help and guide, salvation is by faith, the holy ghost baptism is by faith as well.

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:) 2 corinthians 5:7

“To walk in the Spirit” simply means to live a life dependent on the Holyspirit. The Holyspirit is God’s spirit of adoption living in man. It is God himself residing in man. walking in the Spirit entails that you have awakened to the consciousness of the God that resides in you.

Let me explain it this way, presumptuously, your son brought your notice to a Bird that frequently visits your yard, this is because he noticed that the Bird visits your yard daily, precisely in the early hours of the morning.

Now, the Bird has always been a regular visitor to your apartment, but you weren’t conscious of it until your son brought it to your notice, then day after day, you keep watch for the bird.

Walking in the Spirit is relational to this, the word of God tells us that God resides in us the very moment we accepted Christ, “The spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are Sons of God”. What should we do with this info? It’s simple, keep it in your consciousness.

Build your life around this consciousness, that is basically what walking in the Spirit entails.

5 Ways to walk in the Spirit

Here, I will be talking briefly about ways to effectively walk in the spirit

1. You have to be saved

The first step to walking in the Spirit is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Salvation is a big deal, it comes with a lot of goodies, it is vast, it is beyond being handled singly, salvation is multiverse. it is all-encompassing. Do you want to be saved? read my article on how to be saved here.

2. Know that God now lives in you

At salvation, a lot happened, your old man was crucified and you receive a new life, you became a new creation, The old nature was nailed to the cross, it died and rose to a new life.

God now resides in you, acknowledge this, and let it become so real to you. A lot of Believers know that God resides in them, but the issue is that it isn’t something that they have fully captured.

To put it well, they don’t understand the magnitude of what it means for God to reside in them.

3. Meditate on God’s word

Another way to walk in the Spirit is to study the word of God. It is by constant study and meditation that you will be able to understand fully the magnitude of Christ”s death and resurrection.

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The word of God always leads us to God, it contains all that we need for life and Godliness, the more you study the word of God, your understanding of His ways will be vast.

4. You must be committed to prayers

Prayer is one of the surest plugs when it comes to walking in the spirit. Prayers go far beyond just talking. It involves an interaction with the HolySpirit. Your Spirit is joined with His, to be able to understand his burdens and intentions for you and the world at large, you need to communicate daily with him in prayers.

Walking with God requires consistency and discipline. You want to walk in the Spirit, intentionality is what you need to have.

Prayer does not have to follow a particular progression, You can just be on the walkway, in your room, by the roadside, and communicate with God via your thoughts.

Ask deliberate questions, and commune with the Spirit. Now, this is how to build intimacy with the Spirit of God that is resident in you.

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5. Follow through on instructions

What I mean by following through on instructions is to be obedient to every instruction God gives you.

Let’s see it this way, you want to acquire a skill in web development and programming is the basic language used in coding sites under web development. say, your instructor gave you an instruction or an assignment to be submitted within a speculated period.

But, then you didn’t do the assignment. The stipulated date for the submission comes, and you don’t have the assignment. What do you think your instructor will do?

Do you think he will be happy? I doubt. Now, let’s bring this to our walk in the Spirit, Your instruction might be that you pray for an hour daily, or that you pray for a family friend, or that you give a donation to someone, whichever way it is.

Your refusal to follow through on the instruction could cost you or someone their life, The instructions of God are always precise and accurate, and it is wise to follow through on his instruction because not following through only put you at risk and prevents you from receiving further instructions.

King Saul is a perfect example of someone that didn’t follow through on the instructions given to him by God, we all know how it ended, he paid with his life.

Obedience is a pivotal necessity in your walk with God, you don’t obey halfway. Follow it to the latter.

Finally, like I said earlier walking in the Spirit is by faith, see how vague it looked when Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 26:17-30 to go to a certain city to a certain man, telling him his house will be used for Passover. If I were in the disciples’ shoes, a lot of questions will be thrown at Jesus, but they followed through on the instruction to the very end.

Faith is how we walk in the Spirit. we do not walk by sight. We hope this article has helped you in your walk in the spirit. Need articles on spiritual growthPrayers, and women’s resources? kindly click here


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