How to study the Bible for beginners

Are you someone who is keen on getting in-depth knowledge about God from the scriptures? Our article on how to study the bible for beginners should guide you

In a world filled with chaos and turbulence, studying the Bible as a beginner might be discouraging and tiring at firsts.

Apart from this, adopting a new behavior or pattern can be somewhat discouraging, this is because humans don’t adapt to change easily.

We start a new pattern, stick to it for a while, forget about it, remember again, we continue or just give up.

The first step to change is accepting that there is a need for a change and figuring out a way to fix it.

Bible study or word study should be a part of every believer’s life.

But sadly, not everyone takes it seriously, simply because we either do not see it as a priority or we claim to be busy.

Nevertheless, I am sure there are quite a number of women, and believers out there who want to take Bible study seriously but balancing career, homemaking, and spirituality is kind of strenuous for them.

Well, this article is directed toward helping every mom, Girl, Lady, and believer out there who wants to build and develop a regular Bible study pattern.

Now, the question is what tools do I need to get started with Bible study as a beginner? Let’s take a look at it.

Bible study tools for beginners.

How to study the Bible for beginners

Before diving deep, I will like to say that a beginner can be someone who just accepted Christ and is seeking in-depth knowledge about the things of God.

A Bible study beginner can also be a believer who attends church, and listen to the word of God in church but just doesn’t see the need to have a personal Bible study plan.

In addition to this, a beginner can be a stay at home mom, a career woman who just saw the need to be groomed in the word and does not know how to find her way around that

Whichever category you fall into, we have got you covered.

Before you choose to study the word, there are certain tools you need to put in place for an effective Bible study.

  1. A close or an environment void of distraction
  2.  Time
  3.  Bible
  4.  Bible study notebook (I will write an article on how to create one soon)
  5.  Writing materials
  6.  Prayers.

Let’s take a look at them individually

1. A closet

The first thing you should put in place as a Bible study beginner is a place void of distraction.

Your closet can be a room in your apartment that is possibly far from the reach of kids, on the other hand, void of distractions.

As a mom, having a closet void of distraction around the house might be impossible due to the disturbances and attention needed by your toddlers.

I will suggest you fix a time when the kids are not around so that your word study can be effective.

In addition to this, your closet can be a place outside your home. You can pay a visit to the Gardens, a library, and by the riverbank depending on what works best for you

2. Time

Time is another factor working moms should put into consideration for an effective word study.

Like I said earlier, fix a time when kids are not around, you can choose to wake up early in the morning when the kids are still asleep.

Discipline is needed for consistency, if waking up early is the price you have to pay for word study, I will advise you to go for it.

3. Bible

Of course, this is the most important tool needed for word study.

In your choice of a version to use, settle for a version that you are comfortable with.

Some people prefer to use the King James Version, while some prefer NIV version.

The ball is in your court, choose

4. Bible study notebook

The whole idea of a Bible study notebook is so you can document lessons learned during the course of your Bible study.

You can purchase a Bible study notebook and design it to suit your taste

Looking for ways to design a Bible study notebook, I will be writing an article on how to create a Bible study notebook soon.

5. Your writing materials

You will need pens to document lessons learned in your bible study notebook. You will also need highlighters to highlight a particular scripture in the bible that ministered to you

5. Prayers

Lastly, on Bible study tools for beginners, prayer is needed for an open mind, for veils to be lifted.

You need prayers to birth the mind and intention of God concerning scriptures.

Why is it important to study the Bible?

There are several reasons why believers should engage in word study and they include:

1. For growth

Growth is essential for every believer in Christ. We need to be fitly framed into the man Christ.

Christ is the head of the Church, and the Church is supposed to look exactly like the head.

Apart from this, we also need to disciple the nations to Christ. To disciple the nations to Christ, we must ourselves have attained stature in Christ.

Meditating on God’s word opens you up to an in-depth knowledge and revelation of him.

2. To birth realities in the kingdom

Every word of God is a reality. what man must do to birth this reality is to constantly meditate on the word of God, so that the reality in the word can be evidently seen in our lives.

Jesus was not lying when he said greater works than these will ye do, what has happened to us? Is the word a lie? no.

The channel through which the word should be made manifest are not aligned, they have placed different priorities above the word of God.

3. To prevail in victory

Most importantly, the reason why we study the bible is so as to know what the word says about our situation.

Christ defeated all demons, principalities, and powers upon his death.

It’s vague for a believer to ask Jesus to come down and fight his battles for him because Christ defeated them upon his death. hallelujah!

We war from victory, knowing fully well that Christ defeated the enemy and his cohorts.

Get into the word to know what it says about your situation, everything that was, is, and will ever be has been finished upon Christ’s death and resurrection. We prevail! Amen

How to understand the bible as a beginner

The truth is the first time you open the bible to read, you might not understand a thing from the scriptures, the best you can do at this moment is to rely on the help of the Spirit.

You can’t understand scriptures by relying on your own understanding, the Holy Spirit is the inspiration behind every scripture, the spirit will help you to understand the word of God, sometimes you might have a nugget of understanding or insight about what you reading, that’s the Holy Spirit working in you.

Sometimes just changing the background noise while listening to scriptures helps a lot in making sense of it all.

When I started out on scripture reading, I interpreted a lot with my brain, but the more I relied on the Spirit’s help for understanding the bible, the more understanding I got.

He reveals mysteries hidden in God’s word to me.

He is the teacher.

The Holy Spirit is the only one qualified to teach you about God’s word, no human can teach you how to read or understand your bible better than Him.

Knowledge of scriptures comes from him, he gives light on mysteries. Rely on him for help

Where do I start reading the bible?

I have learned that it is wise to start reading the bible from the gospels, because Jesus Christ is the center of everything.  It’s also important for us to understand who he really was and what he did.  When we read about him, we are able to get a better understanding of Godliness in relation to humans and the original intent of creation.

You can start your reading of scriptures from Genesis. Just follow the leading of the Spirit.  God will lead you in to what’s fit for you to understand at that time.

Beginners bible reading plan

As a beginner, to study the bible yourself, you must draft out a daily, weekly, or monthly plan to stick with.

I must confess that you should go with whatever system works for you.

This is how I study the bible.

How I study the bible as a beginner

I haven’t really settled on a specific bible study method.

My method changed, what I used in previous years is not what I use now.

However, I will share with you how I studied my bible as a beginner

1. I start with prayer

Like I said earlier, every word of God is now, every word of God has His wisdom hidden in it.

For you to unveil this wisdom, you will need to pray to ask that every stronghold, veils, and scale, be lifted so that you can know the true intent of what the scriptures mean.

Christ is made wisdom unto us, you will need to engage that wisdom in your word study.

2. I choose a book

As a beginner, I will suggest you study the book of John first, so that you can have an in-depth knowledge of the father’s love for you

3. Read through the whole scripture

I read through the whole passage of the scripture to have an overview of what the passage is saying. I begin to highlight keywords I will like to come back to.

4. pay more attention and read the scriptures

I read through it a second time paying more attention to the verses. I write down my observation, question, and lessons learned in my bible study notebook.

Finally, I write down questions and convictions in my bible study journal/notebook

5. Allow scriptures to interpret scriptures

For example, if during the course of bible study, I penned down the word “Love of God” and i am interested in knowing more about the Love of God, I simply navigate to the “search option” on my YouVersion Bible app and type the word “love of God” in the search query options.

Tons of scriptures that talk about the love of God will be displayed.

I will simply select a few verses, read and meditate on them, so as to know more about God’s love

6. Prayers

Finally, on how to study the bible for beginners, I pray the word learned into my life, I ask that the words fall on a fertile ground where it continually grows.

How I study the bible now

  1.  I simply start by praying in tongues
  2. Next, scriptures or word phrases drop in my spirit
  3. I look for the scriptures or word phrases on my youversion bible app using the method stated earlier
  4. Next, I meditate on that scripture
  5. Finally, I pray the word learned into my life

it’s that simple

Fun ways to study the bible

As a beginner, you might be having difficulty in studying the bible, below are creative ways to study the bible:

1. Bible journaling

Bible journaling is a very useful way to study the bible. Try making a personalized bible that reflects your personality and interests, so you can easily read it anytime

2. Play background music while you read the bible

If you find the scripture hard to understand, try to play background music while you read the bible. You can also use guided meditation for this. Guided meditation is a great way to study the bible because it helps you focus your mind on what you want. Do you need tips on guided meditation, click here

3. Memorize Scripture

Memorizing scripture is another creative way to study the bible as a beginner.

4. Join a bible study group

If you want to learn the bible on your own, joining a bible study group is one of the most important things that you can do. Learning with others will help motivate you to continue reading and studying it.

5. Learning through videos and podcasts

Learning the bible as a beginner through videos and podcasts is one of the fun ways to study the scripture. You can search out videos on YouTube in relation to the bible verse you want to study.

6. Learning online

Learning the bible for beginners by using an online course is another resource. There are many educational sites such as Online Bible schools, and other churches that offer their own courses to take on how to study the bible. Be led on this, because there are a lot of wrong doctrines flying around. Allow the Spirit to lead you

7. Verse mapping

You can learn the bible using verse mapping, this method allows you to dig the word deeper. Kindly check out our resources on how to study the bible using the verse mapping method.

8. S.O.A.P Bible study method

The S.O.A.P bible study is an acronym that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Using this method helps unlock the mysteries in scripture.


The basic requirement for studying the bible as a beginner is that you are born again, you have received the life of Christ, and you are a new creation. The word of God is now, to effectively understand the word, you must engage the wisdom of God prayerfully.

Scripture says that of his fullness have we received, we have the fullness of Christ, we have the wisdom of God. Engage that wisdom in your word study today.

I hope this post has helped you learn how to study the bible for beginners? If you have any suggestions, opinions, or recommendations, kindly use the comment section.

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