9 Christian dating questions to ask your partner before marriage

What are some good Christian dating questions to ask on a date?

The start of a relationship is always very exciting, because both parties are just getting to know each other, however, some people get into a relationship just because they are lonely and want to kill time. What then happens when they come out of their moody state?

This is why having essential conversations is very important in Godly dating.

Some folks might not buy the idea of having these conversations, but these Christian dating questions serves as a foundation to where you are heading to.

It paves way for the clearing of uncertainties, you get to know if you share similar perspective about life or a subject matter. It wouldn’t make sense to have gone far in your relationship, only to discover later that you don’t have similar belief.

This is why we need to ask intentional questions.

Below is a list of Christian dating questions to ask your date.

Christian dating questions


What are some good questions to ask in your relationship?

1. How did you become saved?

Remember this is a Relationship that is going to be governed by God, so asking question about how your partner got saved isn’t a bad idea at all. in fact, it should be something that they should be excited to talk about.

Except on the occasion where your partner to be is a non Christian, and sincerely speaking dating a non Christian as a believer is out of God’s standard for marriage.

it is not dating God’s way, I do not intend to be stern, but you are outrightly disobeying God.

Scripture says that

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?
II Corinthians 6:14 NKJV

Light and darkness can’t and don’t mingle. They have problems understanding each other.

2. Have you discovered purpose?

Here is one of the most important christian dating questions to ask your about to be partner.

Purpose discovery is what gives life meaning, knowing what God has placed you here for gives your life meaning. It gives you a sense of responsibility.

Now, where the issue lies is if he or she hasn’t discovered their purpose. It’s going to be a really big issue if later in the relationship you discover that your purposes aren’t related.

it’s better to get that sorted out now.

3. What are your dealings with God?

We all have different dealings and consecrations with God. The quest to know what your partners recent dealings with God is, is for you to have a clue on whether or not they have an understanding of who they are called to be.

Your dealings with God is relative to where God is taking you to. However, some people find it hard to identify what God is doing and what he isn’t doing.

Like the disciplined person that you are, the first question to ask yourself is if you can actually go through helping this partners discover what they haven’t about themselves.

But how would you know if you don’t include this as part of your Christian dating questions.

4. In marriage, who will be your top most priority?

Be intentional about these questions, and see their reactions to it.

It is at this point you get to decide whether you want to continue your love journey with them or you want to stop.

In some Christisn marriages, their top priority isn’t their wife, their parent is. Now, I am not saying, your parent shouldn’t be a priority, they should be of course, but not on your first list.

Let’s see what the sccripture says in Genesis 2:17;

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24 NKJV

It’s simple, the very moment you decided to be married, your spouse automatically climbs the ladder of being your top most priority after God.

if you are just finding out, I think it’s best you know that, this is how dating God’s way is done.

5. Do we share/ have the same belief system?

There are a lot of denominations in christiandom, and you will be surprised that they do not share the same doctrine.

While some emphasise on the finished works of Christ, some focus on a different thing entirely.

Interestingly, I know a couple of churches that are strictly against the use of cosmetics and jewelries, if you come from this kind of Church and you want to date someone that is the exact opposite of what is being preached in your church, this is going to be a big issue.

Except on the ground that your belief system isn’t relative to what is being preached in your church.

Ask intentional questions, so you get to know if you both are on the same path intellectually, and spiritually.

6. Ask questions about the relationship they have with their parent

Is he/she in a good talking relationship with their parent? do they have a long lasting beef?

The way he/she handles conflict with parents might not necessarily be how they will treat their relationship with you, but ironically, there is a way it will eventually affect their relationship with you.

Talk to them about making deliberate action to resolving the conflict they have with their parent and see if they will take your suggestive measures to resolving this conflicts.

7. Do they have mentors?

This is one question you should be deliberate about in your relationship. Now the reason why your spouse to be should have someone they look up to or accountable to is so that when things go wrong in your relationship, you can always report them to this people.

Do not date or go out with someone that detest accountability or someone that does not fear anybody.

They will ruin you in the long run.

8.Who are their friends

There is an old adage in my country that says “show me your friend and i will tell you, who you are”.

You look like the company you keep. If your spouse to be is someone whose friends are not committed to fulfilling God’s will and agenda, it shows their core value.

Know who your spouse’s friends are, this is an indication of the values they hold dear.

Need help on how to find Godly friends, click here

Having said all that, lets look at some questions to ask yourself about your relationship if you are already in one.

9. Their perspective on sex before marriage

Dont assume that you and your partner shares the same perspective on sex before marriage.

There aare Christians that don’t believe having sex before marriage is sin, so it is wisdom to ask so you will know whether or not to continue with the relationship.

Having similar perspective on the subject of sex before marriage makes the fight for sexual purity easier.

You would know what Christian boundaries and Christian goals to put in place for the will of God to be done.

Finally, One thing you should know is that God is intentional, for every divine relationship you have had, there was an intention for it, how much more your love relationship.

Be so keen on knowing the reason why God brought you both together. Read books, listen to messages, pray together, study together, and be intentional about your love relationship.

We hope this article on Christian dating questions has been of great help to you.

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