How to make a prayer journal

Are you in need of suggestive measures on how to start a prayer journal? In this guide, I will walk you through the entire process of making a prayer notebook/binder.

A lot of us have gotten to a point where we have a very strong impression to pray for someone. We also have been in situations where some of our friends ask that we put them in prayers, but then, we forget.

This is one of the reasons why you should create your own prayer journal.

I have been in such situations to, which is why I came up with the idea on how to make a prayer journal for beginners.

without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a prayer journal?

Remember when you had private journal (no one had access to) where you wrote down your secret, daily activities, hurt, and Joy? This is exactly what a prayer journal looks like.

A prayer journal notebook is simply a place where you keep records of prayer lists, scripture prayers, and a lot more.

If during bible study, a scripture ministers to you, a prayer journal is where you write down this scripture so as not to forget.

Basically, we become so engrossed with a lot of things that might include our daily routine, and we tend to forget about an individual that asked for prayers or scriptures that ministered life to us, This is why you need a prayer binder.

Why do I need a prayer notebook?

We need a prayer notebook for the following reasons:

1. It keeps us organized

Ever wondered why notebooks are an integral part of the educational system? it’s simply because of the orderliness and organisations it brings.

Keeping a prayer notebook keeps your content safe and orderly, you don’t have to write on random papers if you have a prayer journal.

2. Prevents forgetfulness

Like I stated earlier, sometimes we forget a prayer list given to us by friends, or even prayers point that dropped in our heart for our loved ones. This is another reason why we need a prayer journal. It prevents forgetfulness, because immediately a prayer point pops our heart, we write them down on our prayer list.

3. It gives definition and structure to our prayer life

With a prayer notebook, you do not run out of ideas on what or whom to pray for. Also, a prayer notebook is something you can always make reference to.

4. A prayer notebook reminds us to pray for others

Yes! A prayer notebook reminds us that there are a lot of request on our “prayer for others section” and that we need to pray for them.

Do you need some prayer ideas, check out this war room prayer prompt.


Prayer notebook ideas

Below is a list of some prayer notebook ideas

1. Prayer Scriptures

This section of your prayer journal is where you write down scriptures that popped your heart or ministered to you during bible study

2. Testimonies

It is in this section, you will write about God’s faithfulness in your life and the life of others you have prayed about.

Most importantly, what this does is that anytime you are down, this section will always put you back on track.

3. Prayer request for others

In this prayer notebook idea, you write down prayer requests made by others to you. For example, a friend might ask you to pray for them, be sure to write down their names and request in this section.

Praying for others also covers praying for your Nation as well.

4. Dreams and encounters

This is another idea you can adopt in your prayer notebook. Be sure to write down a typical dream and encounter you had or will have in this section.

5. Prayer request for yourself

One of the most notable ideas of a prayer journal is the prayer for yourself section.

In a world full of challenges, it takes the Spirit of the Lord for one not to fall into depression.

This section is where you write down your prayer request tthat covers every facet of your life, be it physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. This space is the exact section for them.

How to prayer Journal

To prayer journal, there are few supplies you will need and I have made a list of them below

  1. A ready-made notebook to design your journal to taste.
  2. A solace environment to avoid distraction
  3. Time for journaling
  4. Pen, pencils, and highlighters for creative designs
  5. Bible for word study and to also make reference to scriptures that pop your heart.

How to make a prayer journal


After you must have put the necessary supplies in place, it’s now time to make your prayer journal.

1. Make a simple design

On the first page of your prayer journal, you can create a simple design by writing out the title of your prayer journal (not compulsory though), A scripture that talks about prayer, a tagline, etc.

2. Select a verse

Leave out some pages of your notebook for praying scriptures, but be sure to title it praying scriptures.

This section is where you write down scriptures that popped your mind during the week or scriptures that ministers to you during word study. Ensure that this section is properly dated.

3. Create a ‘prayer request for others’ section

After you must have followed through on the previous steps, similarly, leave out some pages on your prayer journal and title it with ‘prayer request for others’.

n this section, you put down the names of people that requested for prayers as well as their needs. It can also include the name of an individual that popped your mind during the week with their needs inclusive as well as prayers for your Nation.

Be sure to date it.

4. Dreams and encounters

Kindly,Follow the same proceedings listed earlier. Leave out some pages and title it Dreams and encounters.

This is the portion on your prayer journal where you write down personal dreams and revelation, interpretations, and prayers you made or will make about them.

5. Create a ‘prayer for yourself’ section

Similarly, follow the proceedings listed earlier. This section of the prayer journal is for you. It is where you write down prayer that covers all spheres of life, be it emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

You can likewise write down prayers for your spouse and kids in these section.

6. Praise/testimony

Finally, on how to make a prayer journal, this section is where you write testimonies about previous prayers made, as well as praises over your prayer request.

Prayer journal template

  1. Start with Praise.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, And into his courts with praise: Be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
Psalm 100:4 KJV

  1. Present your needs by writing them down in your prayer journal
  2. Pray by and in the leading of the Spirit. Some scriptures might pop your mind as you do this, be sure to write them down in the praying scripture section of your notebook.
  3. Pray the scriptures into your life.
  4. Finally, Praise God for answered prayers.

Conclusively, we hope that you have been able to DIY your prayer journal with the steps provided above? Having some difficulty? Kindly use the comment section.

Remember that a prayer journal is exactly what you need to stay organized and focus.

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